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PowerScan PD9530-DPM Evo


PowerScan™ PD9530-DPM Evo阅读器是一款专门用于读取DPM条码的坚固耐用型手持式二维条码阅读器。

PowerScan PD9530-DPM Evo二维条码阅读器包含来自Datalogic的最新光学软件,令DPM条码的读取更简单直观。一般而言,根据不同的DPM技术,条码分辨率,物体材料和表面类型,读取距离从接触距离到4-5厘米/1.5-1.9英寸不等。而这款阅读器不仅能够读取印在标签上的标准条码,它基于高密度光学技术的特点,还能够捕捉很小,高分辨率的条码,扫描距离近至接触距离,远可以到15厘米/5.9英寸。

另外,PowerScan 9530-DPM Evo二维条码阅读器使用的是一种柔和的脉冲白光射在条码上,它减少了光源闪烁,对用户的眼睛来说更温和。

Datalogic的 Motionix™动态感应技术能监测到操作人员的自然动作,从而自动转换阅读器至准备扫描模式。


  • 增强型解码库(Decoding Libraries)可支持任何类型的直接零部件标识(DPM)技术,高效识读各类DPM码
  • 高速全向读取性能
  • 高清中心十字带4点的瞄准器用于锁定读取目标
  • 新“柔和白光”照明
  • Datalogic 的3绿光(3GL™)技术和响亮的哔哔指示音提供良好的读取反馈
  • 人体工学设计的外形可支持用户完成数小时无压力数据采集工作
  • 支持读取一维,堆叠和二维条码,邮政码和影像捕捉
  • 防水防尘等级:IP65
PowerScan PD9500-DPM Models and Kits
PowerScan D9530 Direct Part Marking EvoPD9530-DPM
PowerScan D9530, Direct Part Marking Evo, RS-232 Kit (Kit inc. Scanner and Cable CAB-434.)PD9530-DPMK2
PowerScan D9530, Direct Part Marking Evo, USB Kit (Kit inc. Scanner and Cable CAB-524.)PD9530-DPMK1
PD95XXDPM EofC 2 Days Comprehensive, 1 Year RenewalZSC2PD95DPMR1
PD95XXDPM EofC 2 Days Comprehensive, 3 YearZSC2PD95DPM31
PD95XXDPM EofC 2 Days Comprehensive, 5 YearZSC2PD95DPM51
PD95XXDPM EofC 5 Days, 1 Year RenewalZSN5PD95DPM5R1
PD95XXDPM EofC 5 Days, 3 YearZSN5PD95DPM31
PD95XXDPM EofC 5 Days, 5 YearZSN5PD95DPM51
PD95XXDPM EofC Overnight Replacement Comprehensive, 1Year RewnewalZSC1PD95DPMR1
PD95XXDPM EofC Overnight Replacement Comprehensive, 3 YearZSC1PD95DPM31
PD95XXDPM EofC Overnight Replacement Comprehensive, 5 YearZSC1PD95DPM51
Batteries/Battery Chargers
Battery Pack, Fixed, FBP-9000 RuggedFBP-PM90-01
Cable, IBM USB, 12 VDC, Powers USB, Coiled, 15 ft, CAB-486CAB-486
Cable, KBW 3151, 347x, 378x, Coiled, CAB-485, 11 ft.CAB-485
Cable, KBW, PS/2, Coiled, CAB-437, 9 ft.CAB-437
Cable, KBW, PS/2, External Power, Coiled, CAB-443CAB-443
Cable, KBW, PS/2, External Power, Straight, CAB-442CAB-442
Cable, KBW, PS/2, Laptop, Coiled, 3.6 m, CAB-463CAB-463
Cable, KBW, PS/2, PWR, Coiled 3.6 m, CAB-462CAB-462
Cable, KBW, PS/2, Straight, CAB-436, 6 ft.CAB-436
Cable, RS-232 PWR, 25P, Female, Coiled, 3.6 m, CAB-474CAB-474
Cable, RS-232 PWR, 25P, Female, Coiled, 7.6 m, CAB-477CAB-477
Cable, RS-232 PWR, 9P, Female, Coiled, 3.6 m, CAB-459CAB-459
Cable, RS-232 PWR, 9P, Female, Coiled, CAB-434, 8 ft.CAB-434
Cable, RS-232 PWR, 9P, Female, Straight, 3.2 m, CAB-501CAB-501
Cable, RS-232 PWR, 9P, Female, Straight, CAB-433, 6 ft.CAB-433
Cable, RS-232, 25P, Female, Coiled, CAB-471, 10 ft.CAB-471
Cable, RS-232, 25P, Male, CBX800, External Power, Coil, 12 ftCAB-509
Cable, RS-232, 25P, Male, Coiled, CAB-472, 10 ft.CAB-472
Cable, RS-232, 9D, Female, POT, Coiled, 25 ft, 90A052014, CAB-479CAB-479
Cable, RS-232, 9P, Female, Straight, CAB-448, 6 ft.CAB-448
Cable, RS-232, 9P, Male, Coiled, 3.6 m, CAB-456CAB-456
Cable, RS-232, RJ10 Magellan Bi-Optic AUX Port, Coiled, 3.6 m, CAB-461, 12 ft.CAB-461
Cable, USB, Type A, Coiled, POT, CAB-524, 8 ft.CAB-524
Cable, USB, Type A, External Power, Coiled, CAB-441, 8 ft.CAB-441
Cable, USB, Type A, External Power, Straight, CAB-440, 8 ft.CAB-440
Cable, USB, Type A, Straight, 3.6 m, CAB-465CAB-465
Cable, USB, Type A, Straight, CAB-438, 6.5 ft.CAB-438
Holder, Desk/Wall MountHLD-P080
Holster, Universal, HLS-8000HLS-P080
Protective Case/Belt Holster, PC-9000PC-P090
Industrial Take Up Reel7-0404
Power Supplies/Cords
Adapter, Power Plug, Australia (Use with 4004-0849)6003-0939
Adapter, Power Plug, Euro (Use with 4004-0849)6003-0937
Adapter, Power Plug, UK (Use with 4004-0849)6003-0938
Adapter, Power Plug, US/Japan (Use with 4004-0849)6003-0936
Power Supply, 5VDC, ROHS (Power Adapter Sold Separately.)4004-0849
• 12/04/2016Regulatory & Safety Addendum, PowerScanâ„¢ PD9530-RT
• 11/04/2016Regulatory & Safety Addendum, PowerScan PD9530
• 25/02/2014Instruction Sheet, HLD-P080 Desk/Wall Holder, PowerScan 8000/9000 Families (English)
Data Sheets
Product Brochures
Solution Brochures
White Papers
• 09/01/2017The Art of the Code eBook
The Art of the Code eBook
Softwares & Utilities - Utilities
• 14/12/2016OPOS MR3 1.14.143
OPOS drivers for Datalogic scanner/scales for all supported interfaces. Includes 1.14 CCOs for Scale, and fix for Single Cable scanner/scale Claim issue, and improved handling of Remote Management data including attached Handheld data on some Magellan scanners.
• 01/12/2016USB-COM Driver v6.3.0
- For use on all Windows 32- and 64-bit systems. Certified for Windows including XP, Win7, Win8, and Win10; auto detects OS version and installs the appropriate driver. Automatically recognizes and associates with Datalogic Scanning USB-COM equipped products. Enables data coming from the USB port to be seen by the host as if it is coming from a standard COM port (using a host defined virtual COM port). Any existing software application supporting serial communications can utilize USB scanner connectivity simply by redirecting the data input to the defined virtual COM port. Improved installation with no need for Admin privileges. "USB composite" scanner interface is not supported on Windows XP Operating system.
• 18/01/2016JavaPOS Drivers v1.13
- The JavaPOS Device Services are for JavaPOS-based POS Systems (Linux or Windows). Interface support includes Serial, USB-COM and OEM USB
• 10/11/2015Datalogic Aladdin v1. Build Number 151030 351
The powerful and versatile all in one software tool that offers easy and fast reader set-up. Datalogic Aladdin provides customers the opportunity to manage the configuration of handheld products, and allows flexible advanced formatting through an intuitive graphical user interface. The software tool also makes it easy for customers to upgrade the handhelds firmware, to attain the benefits of new reader features. Datalogic Aladdin, used in combination with the Datalogic USB-COM drivers, supports the following Microsoft® operating systems: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, and Windows® 7, both 32 and 64-bit versions.
PowerScan PD9530-DPM Right Face
PowerScan PD9530-DPM Left Face
PowerScan 9500 Family
PowerScan Industrial Scanner ~ English
PowerScan Industrial Scanner ~ English
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