Bill Parnell, new CEO of Datalogic Mobile and CEO of Datalogic Scanning, speaks out on his expectations for 2011

January 2011, Bologna – As of January 2011 the leadership of two divisions of Datalogic Group, Datalogic Scanning and Datalogic Mobile will be placed under one umbrella, but the two organizations will still be run autonomously: Bill Parnell, CEO of Datalogic Scanning, will also take the reins of Datalogic Mobile as of 2011, with the aim to develop joint efforts between the two divisions and to work closer on the market.
The Self Shopping business will be part of the Business Development Unit and will be led by Luigi Frison reporting to Mauro Sacchetto in his Head of Business Development capacity.

Former Datalogic Mobile CEO, Gian Paolo Fedrigo, was appointed in January as CEO of Datalogic Automation.

It was Bill Parnell who recently commented on these changes, as new CEO of Datalogic Mobile and of Datalogic Scanning; he also told us about his expectations and about the outcome of the year just gone by.

First and foremost, Bill Parnell illustrated the new strategy that took effect January 2011, in which two divisions of the Group, Datalogic Scanning and Datalogic Mobile  “join their forces” and work together closely to fulfil challenging projects and to consequently meet customers’ needs more effectively and promptly.

“What we have seen in the past few years – Bill  Parnell explained – is that, quite often, we have found ourselves reaching out to the same tier-1 customers. We need to have the same face. With the current changes, we can move more quickly, improve quality, add more modularity, and shorten our customer response time. We are always striving to do better in these areas. Now it will be the same family moving in the same direction. Parnell continued: “we want to create a ‛Datalogic Way‛ for going to market, servicing customers, developing products etc. We’ll be looking at areas where we can consolidate and save money. Thus, as of this month, Datalogic Mobile and Datalogic Scanning, will work together to fulfil joint projects aimed at achieving important improvement accomplishments in customer service, quality and efficiency of the supply chain”.

Some comments on the year just ended? “In 2010 – Bill Parnell noted – Datalogic Scanning invested considerably in its imaging offerings; we’ve done very well in the European pharmaceutical and postal markets. In addition to improved imaging technology, the coming of cordless scanners has also helped grow the market - Parnell continued - we recently won a major order at  Home Depot (the biggest DIY retailer in the world). It was because of our cordless technology that we received the contract.” The sales of  Datalogic Scanning grew constantly throughout the year. “It is a nice improving trend. All through the economic crisis, we kept our R&D department busy looking for new ways to help our customers. Efficiency-improving devices don’t go out of style. Businesses are always searching for new ways to increase productivity. We see no end to the growth pattern.”

What about technology? “We will continue to invest in the imaging technology and in cordless imaging scanners. It will also be important to see how the self-checkout technology evolves. Datalogic will invest in developing technologies that optimize front-end functions on the retail market. To hit this target, we will also exploit the innovative technology of the American business that the Group recently acquired: Evolution Robotics Retail.”

Parnell’s forecast for 2011 is very positive. “Our industry should see continued recovery throughout 2011, it is going to be a good year. A lot of Datalogic’s growth is in the United States, we have even doubled our sales in Latin America and the Asia/PAC region continues to do well. A productive trend that we aim at improving further in 2011”.