Over six hundred participants at the event entitled “Shaping Our Future Together!” dedicated to all the employees of Datalogic Group Italy. An important occasion to get together and share the activities of all the companies of the Group as well as the results expected and the plans for the near future

Bologna, Italy, December 2, 2009 - The event entitled "Shaping Our Future Together" held in Bologna at the Paladozza sports building on December 2nd was attended by roughly six hundred employees of Datalogic Group Italy.
The important end-of-year meeting featured a rich agenda of initiatives and was dedicated to all the employees of Datalogic Group in Italy, who reached Bologna by coach from all over Italy.
The event was an excellent opportunity for all those attending to share the activities of 2009 of all the companies of the Group as well as the results expected and the plans for the future.

Following the welcome buffet, the CEO of Datalogic S.p.A., Mauro Sacchetto, took the stand. During his speech, he said "we are here to share what has been of our past, our present day and to discuss our future. This year was an arduous one for the whole market at a worldwide level and, Datalogic too, just like everyone else, was not saved from the sufferings of this abysmal economic crisis. It is for this reason that we wished to and had to make some changes, implementing extraordinary activities and fulfilling specific structural actions. We are happy to be able to say that today, the results can indeed be seen". Even if the Group's turnover was substantially balanced over the various quarters of 2009, the third quarter of this year did actually mark a clear improvement". "I think I can safely say - Mr. Sacchetto continued - that the worse is over and that we should be proud of what we have managed to do over this difficult year by making the right decisions. Datalogic is today a more solid vessel, capable of sailing in less deeper seas. We are therefore ready to win, all together, the challenges of a demanding market, facing next year better and with fewer worries and great confidence".

Romano Volta, Chairman of Datalogic S.p.A., took over to say: "I am delighted to be here with you today and I am satisfied with how Datalogic has reacted to this penetrating crisis of the international market. Rather than standing still we reacted skilfully and promptly. Datalogic has redesigned itself intelligently and methodically, thanks to proficient people and to the sacrifice and extraordinary commitment of everyone. 2010 will still be an arduous year, but Datalogic must look to the future with serenity because following this year just about to end, we are ready, prepared and well positioned to face the challenges that the new year will put before us".

The event also highlighted the actions of the CEO's of the various divisions of Datalogic Group: Lamberto Girolomoni, Datalogic Automation CEO, Gian Paolo Fedrigo, Datalogic Mobile CEO and Bill Parnell, Datalogic Scanning CEO.

Some awards and acknowledgements were also presented during the event. Up front was the team of inventors thanks to whom Datalogic, that has always invested in innovation, is able to boast a rich portfolio of patents - 867 worldwide - and an average of over 20 new products each year (27 new product developments just last year alone, amidst new lines of products, new models and technological innovations). A vocation towards innovation that won Datalogic the 2009 edition of the much esteemed "Business Innovation Prize".

Alessandro Merati, HR Director of Datalogic S.p.A. together with Mr. Mauro Sacchetto and Mr. Romano Volta, later awarded Mr. Claudio Mazzone for his 11 patents, together with numerous other professionals for their 25 and 35 years of career at Datalogic. Mr. Merati also introduced and welcomed the new arrivals of the Group and then invited the professionals of Datalogic onto the stage who retired over the year to show his appreciation.
Finally, after thanking everyone who attended, the event ended with an enormous Datalogic cake and toast to wish each and all a very merry Christmas.