Romano Volta , Chairman of the Board of Datalogic S.p.A. was speaking at the annual "Marconi Symposium and Gala Award Dinner"

London, 26 September 2008 - The annual meeting of the American "Marconi Society" for honouring the genius of Guglielmo Marconi took place at the prestigious location of the Royal Society academy in London.
Mr Romano Volta, Chairman of the Board of Datalogic Spa and board member of the "Marconi Society" held a speech representing the Marconi Foundation of Bologna.

"As an entrepreneur - he said - I am fascinated by the figure of Marconi for the so perfect synthesis that he managed to create between science, research, industrial application and enterprise combining these elements with extraordinary international business vision".
The Chairman of the Board of  Datalogic Spa has emphasised and underlined the great importance of radio communication in our daily life referring to the actuality of G. Marconi as an inventor and entrepreneur: important aspects not to be forgotten neither by the generation of today nor by all future ones.

"There is also another important lesson - he underlined - that the inventor of the radio and the Nobel Prize of 1909 left us and which is also to be transmitted to the future generations: the importance of transferring results from Science and Research to practical applications and industrial development".

At the occasion of the meeting Mr David Payne was awarded with the "Marconi Prize and Fellowship 2008" for his work and discoveries in the field of fibres for optoelectronics and telecommunications.