Datalogic S.p.A. is proclaimed as “Excellent Business in the Management of Human Resources”: for the second year running, the company from Bologna is yet again registered in the cliquey group of “Top Employers Italia 2010” enterprises, obtaining the much esteemed certification from the CRF Institute

Bologna, 29 March 2010 - Datalogic Group, a leader on the market of barcode readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID systems and photoelectric devices for industrial automation, has been certified, for the second year running, by the Dutch company CRF as an Excellent Business in the Management of Human Resources. The company from Bologna, this year again, is included in the exclusive group of "Top Employers Italia 2010", standing out in the Italian entrepreneurial scenario as an excellent model in HR management.

What does this prestigious recognition really mean? A total of 25 companies obtained certification from the CRF Institute, which is the international organisation that has been analysing and certifying over 2,500 enterprises around the world since 1991, publishing an esteemed report each year with a reliability rating of 100% from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
The companies selected were assessed based on very strict standards established by the "Top Employers HR Best Practices Survey", which examines and meticulously evaluates the Human Resources policies, according to criteria of Training and Development, Career opportunities, Working conditions, Wages and benefits, Company Culture, based on an exclusive process resulting from the international experience of CRF.

Datalogic was acknowledged and certified as a "Top Performer" and obtained impressive marks from the experts of the CRF Institute in all five of the assessment standards. The company achieved excellence in the areas of "Training and Development" and "Working conditions". The Group is thus confirmed as a reference business capable of finding the key elements of its own business culture in growth and participation.

Another important aspect is that in which Datalogic and the other companies certified as "Top Employers Italia 2010" answered the reference questionnaire with precision and transparency, opening their doors to economics journalists of the CRF team: these professionals were given the opportunity to visit all of the company's facilities, from offices to warehouses, canteens and production areas - and they spent a day in the company, getting involved "from the inside" in every aspect. Such availableness proves Datalogic's undisputed transparency and loyalty, appreciated as a key value of its business culture.

"To be recognised by the "Top Employers 2010" organization - Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A. pointed out - confirms that Datalogic is first and foremost a business made of people: it has always been so, right from the very start, and this is indeed our stronghold. Datalogic has three main engines: Human Resources, Innovation and International way of thinking. We are a multinational enterprise that is naturally farsighted and that builds its future alongside its own people". "We are convinced that our business culture - Mr. Sacchetto added - merges thanks to strong and constant in-house communications and we are firmly convinced that an effective informative system is what propels enthusiasm and what makes the difference in a company that aims at excellence".