Datalogic sorts mail in the United States! The United States Postal Service, USPS®, has chosen the company from Bologna as its supplier of scanners for mail sorting centres throughout the whole federal territory

Bologna, Italy, July 2009 - Datalogic Group, through its subsidiary, Datalogic Automation, and  USPS®, the American Postal Service, have signed an agreement in which Datalogic Automation will supply scanners to the postal sorting centres throughout the federal territory.

The company from Bologna won an extensive competition between top producers of barcode scanners, becoming the supplier of the cutting edge scanner imager Matrix 400TM, which will be used in material handling systems that process letter trays and flat tubs.

The main solution involves a scanner Matrix 400TM and a connection box CBX500 and can be connected through 2 configurations: Front - Back and Top - Front - Back. These variables offer the USPS® maximum flexibility in setting-up all kinds of sorting lines.

Matrix 400TM is a highly customizable scanner capable of reading multiple codes at high speed. It can also be easily integrated into many networks and communication protocols, guaranteeing exceptional performance and considerable reductions in costs and management times.

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A., commented:
"This new agreement proves, yet again, Datalogic's skills in offering the whole world around innovative products and technological solutions to meet the requirements of its customers. The American postal service is a vast and articulated reality in need of technologies capable of managing multiform data and of speeding-up sorting processes. Datalogic's solutions meet these requirements just perfectly, making us a reliable and competent partner. We do not however intend to finish here and this is why we work and invest in R&D to continue in this direction".