No more passenger boarding queues on Costa Cruisers thanks to Datalogic’s bar code scanners!

Bologna, March 2010 - Datalogic Group, through its subsidiary Datalogic Scanning, has been chosen by Costa Crociere, the largest Tourist group in Italy for the supply of bar code scanners for the first system in the world for mobile passenger check-in onboard cruisers of Costa Crociere.  

Datalogic's solution exploits the "Magellan" omnidirectional imaging presentation scanner at the cruiser access gates. Thanks to Magellan, Costa Crociere operators are able to read the barcodes on the passengers' boarding cards and immediately see their picture acquired prior to boarding on the computer screen: the correctness of the documents can thus be checked in a matter of seconds.
Datalogic's technology therefore drastically cuts passenger check-in and check-out times, which consequently increases the reading performance of crew members by 20%. All these procedures in the past were carried out manually and the operators in charge had to take the passengers' boarding cards and assist them in the reading phase with the dedicated device.

Datalogic has supplied Costa Crociere with 120 scanners, for the whole fleet that comprises a total of 23 cruisers currently in use and 7 on order, operating in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, United Arab Emirates, the Far East and the Indian Ocean.
The Magellan omnidirectional imaging presentation scanner offers excellent technological performance and is able to read all types of barcodes rapidly, even if they are ruined or printed in poor quality. Furthermore, the scanner's compactness and the possibility of reading "hands-free" make it the ideal solution for use in tight spaces and for applications where operators need greater freedom of movement.

Thanks to this product, Costa Crociere confirms itself as an innovative company, always focusing on the quality of passenger services. "The technology of Datalogic - Franco Caraffi said,  Reservation & On Board System Director of Costa Crociere - has enabled us to considerably increase the efficiency of the reading systems of Costa boarding card barcodes. This new system has practically done away with queues and our safety and check-in staff can do their job without having to worrying about assisting passengers in reading their boarding cards. I'm convinced that the choice of this device was truly a winning one".

"This new partnership - Mauro Sacchetto pointed out, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A. - yet again proves Datalogic's ability in offering innovative technological solutions and products that fit customer requirements perfectly the whole world round. This is our mission that drives us in our decisions to continue investing constantly in Research and Development, making innovation our lifeblood. Costa Crociere has turned out to be an ideal partner because it makes service excellence one of its strongholds and, thanks to Datalogic, it is able to offer its passengers fast and efficient boarding conditions."