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Group Structure
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Datalogic is an industrial group which has been listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2001. It focuses on due specific markets: Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation, managing operations through two dedicated divisions, which are supported by the Business Development Division.

Datalogic ADC
is the worldwide leader in retail POS scanners and offers the most complete line of handheld scanners in the industry and a full range of rugged mobile computers dedicated to warehousing solutions, field-force automation, retail in store and healthcare.

Datalogic Industrial Automation, specialized in the supply of products and solutions for the Industrial Automation market, is one of the major worldwide producers of automatic identification, safety, detection and marking solutions.

Business Development Division (operating through IP Tech S.r.l.) consists of three main units:
- the New needs and applications scouting
- the Datalogic LABS
- the Merger & Acquisitions
focusing on development of new products and or technological solutions driven by the identification and satisfaction of Customer needs.

Informatics Inc. is headquartered in the United States, Plano, Texas and includes two business units: System ID, and WASP Barcode, delivering easy to use bar code based solutions serving over 275,000 thousand small and medium businesses in US and in UK. For more information: http://www.informatics-inc.com/


Datalogic Executive Board
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