Past investments

Over the years Datalogic has established a very strong presence. This is due to various acquisitions that have consolidated its presence around the world, also enabling it to control large strategic accounts within the United States; a market renowned for its excellent potential not only in terms of technology, but also for its strong clients.

Escort Memory Systems (1988) - (CA, U.S.A.) - RFID
IDWare (1997) - (TV, Italy) - mobile computers
Minec AB (2002) - Sweden - mobile computers
Laservall (2004) - (AO, Italy) - laser marking systems
Informatics (2005) - (TX, U.S.A.) - online sale of Auto ID products
PSC (2005) - (OR, U.S.A.) - fixed scanners for retail market, manual readers, mobile computers
Datasensor (2008) - (BO, Italy) - photoelectric devices for detection, safety, measurement and inspection
Evolution Robotics Retail (2010) – (CA, U.S.A.) – vision systems based on visual pattern recognition technology
PPT Vision (2011) – (MN, U.S.A.) – machine vision systems PPT Vision (2011) – (MN, U.S.A.) – machine vision systems
Accu-Sort Accu-Sort Systems (2012) – (PA, U.S.A.) - Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) systems
Soredi Soredi Touch Systems GmbH (2017) – (Munich, Germany) - the global technology leader for industrial computers and forklift terminals

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