After sixteen years of designing and manufacturing the world’s best selling bi-optic scanners, Datalogic Scanning, part of Datalogic Group, announced the arrival of its one millionth Magellan scanner

Eugene (USA), April 30th, 2010 - "One million Magellan scanners...and the story continues!" with this slogan, Datalogic Scanning, part of Datalogic group, after sixteen years of designing and manufacturing the world's best selling bi-optic scanner, announced the completion of its one millionth Magellan scanner. The scanner rolled off the production line at Datalogic's factory in Eugene (Oregon - USA) on Friday, April 30th, 2010 at 14 minutes past 11 am.

Since 1994, Datalogic has introduced eight different models of Magellan bi-optic scanners, including the new Magellan 8500Xt. "We are always on the lookout for cutting edge solutions to help retailers  increase their production capacities - Mauro Sacchetto declared, CEO of Datalogic Group - and also so that their customers enjoy an even better shopping experience. Our long lasting success is based on the simple yet fundamental value of saving people's time; and Datalogic never stops working: we do indeed have much more in store for our Magellan bi-optic scanners".
"Significant results - Mr Sacchetto added - that Datalogic has achieved thanks to its constant commitment, today just like in the past, towards Research & Development focused on unique technological solutions for the market that not only make life easier but also improve it".  

We are indeed talking about a line of products capable of ensuring the basis for the technological expansion of the entire POS retail industry: this is why the one millionth scanner marks an important milestone for the whole of the ADC market. "Today - Bill Parnell pointed out, President and CEO of Datalogic Scanning - we share this major accomplishment with our customers across the world. Without their ongoing support and feedback, this milestone would have been impossible ".

The one millionth Magellan bi-optic scanner will be celebrated for the whole year with the  "Thanks a million" World Tour, covering tradeshows and many other events that will take place around the world, starting with the "FMI T.