Agreement signed between Coop Adriatica and Datalogic for a more enjoyable Salvatempo with Joya

The success of self-scanning in Coop with the Salvatempo service is confirmed by the important agreement between the leading company in barcode reading systems and Coop Adriatica.

Bologna, 22 April 2010 - Strengthened partnership between Coop Adriatica and Datalogic for the Salvatempo service. On March 5th, Coop Adriatica signed an agreement to purchase the Shopevolution solution, with approximately 1,000 Joya pods.


Joya, the next-generation shopping pod designed by Datalogic, will be adopted in six Coop Adriatica stores. The pods will replace the previous technology systems. With this innovative pod, Datalogic marks a big success with Coop Adriatica which, with 156 stores including supermarkets and hypermarkets, is one of nine cooperatives in the Coop system.


"This new agreement, and the satisfaction of Coop members, further strengthen the Datalogic partnership with Coop. The Salvatempo service is the perfect response to the needs of its clientele," says Mauro Sacchetto, Managing Director of Datalogic. "Customers are increasingly appreciative of companies that offer timesaving solutions that are rich in information, content, and offers, guaranteeing an informed shopping experience."


Datalogic has reached another milestone in synergy with Coop Adriatica, which today confirms its commitment to ensuring customers a high level shopping experience. Using Joya does in fact deliver many benefits, for example products consumers choose can be placed directly into the bags in their carts, as they like, without any need to run the merchandise along the conveyor belt, ensuring quick payment. No more long queues at the checkout for Coop members with the special dedicated self-service payment stations. Joya also allows shoppers to see their total in real time, keeping the final numbers constantly up to date.


Thanks to these services, Coop Adriatica will stand out clearly from the competition, thus increasing its own competitive edge and attracting new customers who are increasingly loyal, because they are more satisfied with their shopping experience and the added value that Joya guarantees with its information and the Salvatempo quick payment service.


It's yet another success for Datalogic, helping solidify the leadership position it has carved out for itself with Shopevolution, with more than 350 stores installed, including Italy (Coop, Conad, Carrefour, Auchan, Esselunga, Lombardini, Finiper, and E.Leclerc Conad), France (Groupe Casino, ATAC, and Carrefour), and Belgium (Delhaize Group and Carrefour). This further demonstrates the importance of understanding the market and consumers, as well as a powerful trend toward innovation, for constant and ongoing growth.