Datalogic and Zucchetti Become Partners

The two companies, leaders in their respective markets, will collaborate together to create a personal and environmental safety solution based on barcode and RFID technology

Lodi and Bologna, July 2011 - The Datalogic Group, leader in the bar code, mobile computer, RFID and vision markets, has signed a collaboration agreement with Zucchetti S.p.A., leader in the Software& Services sector for access control in Italy, through its controlled company, Datalogic Mobile, for developing solutions based on barcode and RFID technology.

The goal of the partnership is to propose solutions to the market offering high added value and advanced technology for access control, environmental and personal safety for process automation and facility management.


One of the most significant access control applications is for soccer stadiums, where the new Italian safety laws require strict control of tens of thousands of people in just a few hours. Datalogic Mobile's portable PDA devices, together with existing fixed solutions, offer great flexibility for managing peak attendance times. In addition, Datalogic Mobile's solutions offer new services to the spectator. These benefits have proven successful in various installations of the Italian Lega Pro league.


Datalogic Mobile's PDAs and Zucchetti's software system also make show and concert process management more efficient than ever by guaranteeing better safety for spectators, such as in the case of the Pallas Theater in Athens, Greece. The 1500 seat theater opted for a solution with much attention to detail in terms of technology, elegance and design capable of managing both regular tickets and season tickets with bar code or RFID technology.


Thanks to this agreement, Datalogic Mobile's devices for bar code reading, and in particolar, the compact and powerful Memor™ and professional PDA Elf™ will be distributed by Zucchetti's 800 plus partners present all over Italy, in addition to its 100 partners operating in 50 countries outside Italy.


Datalogic Groups's CEO, Mauro Sacchetto, commented, "this strategic partnership consolidates Datalogic's position of leadership in the Automatic Data Capture market even further, especially in a sector that is growing as fast as this one dealing with environmental and personal safety. This is yet another example of the validity of our company's strategic choices and the quality and effectiveness of our technological solutions. Finally, I would like to emphasize that Zucchetti is a very valuable partner for us, with extensive experience and high reliability. We are sure to obtain excellent results together that will be recognized and highly appreciated by the market ."


Zucchetti's Vice-President, Domenico Uggeri, also made a comment about the agreement "we have made a significant investment in the security and automation markets in the past few years. Now Zucchetti is a market leader for safety in sporting facilities, with over 80 stadiums all over the world using our access control solutions, and for the quantity of terminals it sells all over Italy with numbers exceeding 18,500 each year. This agreement with Datalogic is strategic for us because it allows us to integrate Zucchetti solutions with Datalogic's automatic identification devices, thus offering complete and technologically advanced systems that cover any security and automation need."