Datalogic donates 5 cars to the Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus for its home care activities, provided free of charge to cancer patients

Bologna, 17 December, 2012 – On Saturday 15th December, the “Datalogic for ANT” event took place in Bologna. This symbolic parade, in perfect rally style, was organised by the Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus and Datalogic, world leader in automatic identification, to celebrate the donation of five new cars promoting support of free home care for cancer patients.
Datalogic’s donation to the Fondazione ANT is an extraordinary example of the union between private and non-profit sectors to the advantage of the city. The five cars represent real, concrete assistance to the Fondazione and to all the families who rely on support from the ANT every day, as they will allow the 43 doctors, 21 nurses and 7 psychologists in the ANT team for Bologna and its province to reach and provide care to over 1,500 people every day.
On Saturday 15th December, the five Fiat Panda cars left the ANT headquarters at number 36, via Jacopo di Paolo, Bologna, heading for their destination in Piazza Santo Stefano, the heart of the Emilia administrative region. The cars, driven by famous guest drivers, circled the city’s streets for the enjoyment of the public and then parked in Santo Stefano, where they were displayed until the evening.
Together with the Mayor of Bologna, Virginio Merola, the keys were officially presented to the Founder of ANT Italia Onlus, Professor Franco Pannuti, and to its Chairman, Dr. Raffaella Pannuti.
The keys were handed over by Chairman and Founder of Datalogic, Romano Volta, together with the CEO, Mauro Sacchetto, who commented: “After celebrating our 40th birthday this year, we are delighted to conclude the year with a donation that allows us to be close to those who are most in need, contributing to the commendable activities that the Fondazione ANT pursues every day. Today, Datalogic is a global company and a world leader in relevant markets, and our organisation believes strongly in the importance of supporting initiatives that contribute to the human and social development of the region”.
A number of celebrities played an active part in the parade, being proud to support the Fondazione ANT. Amongst them were Thomas Biagi (the racing driver from Bologna, several times world champion in the FIA GT championship), television presenter Roberta Capua, Massimo Gagliardi (Vice Director of the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino), Armando Nanni (Director of the newspaper Corriere di Bologna), Alberto Sabbatini (Director of Autosprint and Auto), Renato Villalta (basketball champion) and actor Vito.

Founded in Bologna in 1978 by oncologist Franco Pannuti, the Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus works in the name of Eubiosia (from Ancient Greek, meaning “good life”), which comprises a set of qualities that bring dignity to life from the first breath to the last. From 1985 to today, ANT has cared, completely free of charge, for over 90,000 cancer sufferers (as of 30 June 2012). In 9 different regions of Italy, over 3,600 patients are helped each day in their own homes by the 20 teams of ANT specialists, who bring all necessary care, both medical and social, to the home of the sufferer and to their family. 425 professionals in total work for the Fondazione, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, social and health care workers and administrators, who are supported by the 1,500 plus volunteers on the ANT register. Social and healthcare support does not focus solely on the numerous demands of illness, such as pain management, but takes a 360° approach that tackles every type of problem, be it related to diagnosis, treatment, nursing, or psychological and social issues, from the perspective of “global wellbeing”. The Fondazione has two cores, one of professionals and one of volunteers, representing an inestimable resource from an ethical and moral point of view. ANT operates in Italy through around a hundred Delegations, where volunteers have a strong presence. On a local level, the Delegations are concerned with awareness-raising initiatives, fundraising and arrangement of the necessary logistics for providing medical nursing care in the home. Furthermore, ANT is deeply involved in cancer prevention, with projects for the early diagnosis of melanoma and of thyroid, gynaecological and breast neoplasia. In the melanoma prevention project alone, which was launched in 2004, 52,322 patients have been seen in 48 different Italian provinces (as of 30 June 2012). In recent times, the Fondazione has significantly expanded its field of activity in this area, both through its Mobile Clinic, The Prevention Bus, which is equipped with modern instruments to carry out visits in every region of Italy, and through the development of its own network of clinics. In addition to those existing in Bologna at the Fondazione headquarters, five clinics have been added in the administrative region of Emilia, and one in Brescia. Taking 2011 as a reference year, the activity of the Fondazione ANT is financed for the most part, excluding funds derived from agreements with the Aziende Sanitarie Locali (local health authorities, or ASL) – which equate to 14% of the total – by the donations of private citizens and fundraising activities (56%), by 5x1000 contributions (13%) – ANT is the 9th Onlus (non-profit organisation) in the national rankings – by bequests and gifts (10%), by public bodies (3%), by banks and foundations (1%) and, finally, by real estate and financial management (3%).