Datalogic forecasts improved supply chain efficiencies for global players through value-added data management

Bologna January 9, 2013 – Datalogic is aggregating its 40 years of knowledge, experience and innovation with today’s market forces to optimize solutions in the global supply chain. Datalogic's solutions help major international companies in industries ranging from retail to transportation & logistics, automotive to healthcare and manufacturing to postal services keep their goods and information moving. The company references world-class customers in different sectors with recent major applications in place for clients such as DHL Express, Carrefour, Volkswagen, Continental Tire, Puma, as well as more than 100 airports around the world, including Shanghai, Frankfurt, Rome and Milan.

As the modern supply chain is essentially governed by digitized data, irrespective of the product type, the process results in dry products, for example, being handled with the same care and attention as fresh produce or sensitive items, in terms of speed and efficiency. The resulting data stream, whether images, specifications, cost or special condition and delivery requirements, is therefore extremely dense. According to Datalogic, this calls for particularly efficient management supported by cutting edge technology in order to manage risk and control data flow processes in real time. Influencing factors, when assessing the most appropriate solution for the relevant need include economies of scale, customer demands, the boom in digitalization, enhanced global mobility, as well as safety, efficiency and security.

"Every industry and organization has a supply chain and the proliferation of data today means there is a distinct opportunity to capitalize on it. By leveraging benefits of capturing data, organizations can add value to their operations at every point along the chain - from design to production and warehousing to delivery to the end customer,” said Mauro Sacchetto, Datalogic Group’s CEO.
“Within the context of globalization, the increasing movement of people and goods, coupled with the need to capture information about materials in transit and in manufacture, reflects a rising demand for process automation. This is driven by the increasing adoption of automation technology solutions, such as those from Datalogic, aimed at cutting operating expenses (OPEX) and converting them to capital expenditure (CAPEX) - thereby securing cost efficiencies in supply chain processes. Our company’s core philosophy is focused on providing the best services and solutions to customers so they can equally bring satisfaction to their own end-users – consumers. This is a supply chain in itself and is the yardstick we use in all our innovations,” added Mauro Sacchetto.

Datalogic is constantly engaged in helping organizations meet their goals, offering advice based on knowledge built up over many years. The company believes players in every sector need to adopt proactive strategies to stay competitive by maximizing the efficiency of their supply chain. Consequently, Datalogic organizes special initiatives based on the exchange of experiences, such as its series of 'customer-focused' supply chain workshops: Click here to view sector-specific supply chain application videos on the Datalogic website.