Gian Paolo Fedrigo, CEO of Datalogic Automation as of January 2011, tells us about the results of 2010 and his future expectations

February 2011, Bologna – “I’ve had 18 years in the AIDC industry and under my leadership Datalogic Mobile has become a ‘top player’ in the mobile computer sector. I now count on taking what I know to Datalogic Automation”. These were the comments of Gian Paolo Fedrigo, former head of Datalogic Mobile and, since January 2011, new head of Datalogic Automation, during an interview in which he summed up the year just ended of Datalogic Mobile and outlined the strategies of growth for the future of Datalogic Automation.

Fedrigo first told us about his experience at Datalogic Mobile and about the excellent results of the past year. “In 2010 – he explained – we recorded the highest growth numbers in the industry, the percentage of profit has never been better and the sales of Datalogic Mobile grew by 28%”. An important achievement that VDC Research Group, Inc. (VDC), an independent American consulting and market research firm, defined as “the highest growth recorded in the industry”.
“Customers consider Datalogic a trusted partner – he continued – and this major result is thanks to our external partners and thanks to a very close team of professionals. My thanks go also to the CEO of Datalogic S.p.A., Mauro Sacchetto, for the great opportunity he has given me”.

Fedrigo then shared his thoughts on his new position. “I am glad to now have the opportunity to take what I know to our Datalogic Automation division – he told us. I will work to increase our traditional and identification business”.
“We are presently globally ranked number two in the laser scanning environment and number three in imaging. Approximately 2/3 of our sales are in traditional auto-ID and about 5% in RFID. In addition, we have a vertical business in laser marking 2D codes, such as tire manufacturing, where we serve the most important customers worldwide: Goodyear, Michelin and Bridgestone”.

Continuing, Fedrigo stated “Datalogic Automation is very strong in the electronics and automotive industries. We work with leading parcel carriers, such as UPS and DHL, as well as factory automation companies, such as Sony and Samsung, for track & trace applications or Toyota, BMW and Ford, for automotive applications. Datalogic goes way back in the industrial sector. This is where Datalogic was born. Airport tracking is yet another major business for Datalogic Automation.
We have established ourselves as a global market leader and last year, our business grew by an impressive 36% from 2009”.

Concluding, Fedrigo told us about the market Datalogic Automation is now facing and about the division’s future strategies. “On a very demanding industrial market – he pointed out –  Datalogic Automation has built a solid reputation for itself based on the quality of its offerings and on its solutions to mission critical issues. In terms of countries, North America is a big target for Datalogic Automation, without forgetting the investments being made in Germany and China, where the company is also making big gains. From a product development standpoint, Datalogic Automation is investing heavily in vision and imaging technologies”.

Closing, Fedrigo stated, “Instead of 100, it will probably take 30 to 60 days for me to get up to full speed in my new position. I will capitalize on the excitement, energy, capabilities and ideas of the team that I will be honoured to lead. These professionals are totally dedicated to growing the company. The industrial automation market will probably be one of our most important targets”.