Shorter queues at Frankfurt–Hahn Airport thanks to Datalogic’s Imaging technology! Gryphon scanners used to check-in and board passengers will make ground control operations much quicker as well as considerably increasing passenger security

Bologna, August 2, 2011 – Datalogic Group, a leader on the market of bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, RFID and vision systems, through its subsidiary, Datalogic Scanning, has signed a contract with Frankfurt-Hahn Airport for the supply of Gryphon area imaging scanners to read 2D codes of boarding passes and for Check-In operations.

In view of the summer season, when there is a high peak in passengers, the German airport needed to replace its manual data collection system with a quicker and more efficient solution. After a trial period in which several solutions were tested, Hahn airport preferred those offered by Datalogic.

The 2D Gryphon scanners will be used to check-in passengers and to control their boarding passes, including those printed directly at home on their pc, where 2D codes are printed, thus saving time in ground control operations for an estimated 25 minutes each flight.

Boarding speed is presently a crucial aspect for every airport, and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is no exception, especially considering the upward trend of passengers over the last few years.

The directors of the Airport in Frankfurt, which may we remind is crossed by over 3.5 million passengers, also considered security aspects. Thanks indeed to Datalogic’s Gryphon scanners, passenger data are automatically compared with those of the luggage, which are automatically sent to the correct airports, highlighting any discrepancies possibly encountered.

 “We are truly satisfied with this agreement because, thanks to Datalogic’s scanners, we will be able to save time and thus reduce costs, which are two aspects that will lead to benefits not only for passengers but also for our clerks. I would also like to point out the advantages in terms of environmental sustainability too, seeing as we will be using less paper and energy” explained Udo Preissner, Director of Marketing and Sales in the Airport Frankfurt-Hahn.

“The agreement with such a strategic airport for Germany and Europe confirms Datalogic’s leadership in the field of air transport, as well as in the more extensive field of automatic data capture. We are pleased to confirm that, as of today, it will be much quicker and safer to fly from Frankfurt airport” said Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic Group.