What is RSS?
In a world that is struggling under the weight of billions of Internet pages, keeping up with important information may become a full-time job.

Wouldn't it be better if this information was delivered directly to you instead of having to click from site to site? Well, now it's possible thanks to a very intelligent service: RSS.

There are several theories on the origin of the symbol, but those most credited indicate that RSS could stand for "RDF Simple Syndication" or "Really Simple Syndication". But in basic terms this means that it allows you to choose the content that interests you the most and have it delivered.

This service takes away the problem of keeping up-to-date, giving you only the latest information. Not all sites use RSS, but there are already many which do so, including all the big names in this sector.

How to use RSS?
In general the first thing you need is an RSS reader. There are many versions, some are included in your browser while others may be downloaded separately. They all allow you to register for and read the RSS feed that you want.

If you click on the RSS icon you can register in various ways, either by dragging the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader or copying and pasting the same URL in the reader of your choice.

Some browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Safari have features that identify the RSS feed for you. For more details please visit their sites.