The Spirit of Collaboration

The Spirit of Collaboration

Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets is a world-class producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment. We partner with the best technology partners around the globe to bring value added solutions to our clients.

The Spirit of Collaboration Independent Software Vendor Program is geared to reward our software partners stimulate business and collaborate to bring solutions to market. This program is open to software vendors that meet specific criteria and are willing to partner with Datalogic to bring combined solutions to clients.

The Spirit of Collaboration ISV Membership Criteria

  • Majority of company revenue is from software or software services
  • Datalogic devices certified operation on ISV software
  • Support Datalogic sales teams in presentation of ISV software solutions
  • Schedule training of ISV sales team on Datalogic products – Training and materials provided by Datalogic
  • Provide technical support of ISV solutions directly to Datalogic customers
  • Promote Datalogic products through marketing campaigns, co-branded campaigns, sales referral, and other marketing activities
  • Complete Spirit of Collaboration application
  • Complete jointly approved business plan to co-promote solutions to target markets
  • Provide “good faith’ sales forecasts of Datalogic products throughout the year
  • Provide reporting of Datalogic products you have influenced



Collaboration with Datalogic

  • Participation at the Datalogic VAR Business Partner Meeting
  • Participation at the Datalogic Partner Advisory Counsel
  • Access to pre-released devices

Technical Support

  • Technical support and technical software development kit
  • Access to technical training

Extensive Co-Marketing Support

  • Joint event, press relations, and case study creation support
  • Market Development Funds up to 1% of revenue generated in previous year
  • Demonstration devices for certified software products (Limited to 5)
  • Seed units at new product launch (if product is beneficial for your software)

Sales Referral Payments (Quarterly payments provided only for projects registered and approved in advance by Datalogic)

  • 10 % of influenced Datalogic revenue for sales leads introduced for sales over €25.000
  • 8 % of influenced Datalogic revenue for sales leads introduced for sales over €50.000
  • 5 % of influenced Datalogic revenue for sales leads introduced for sales over €100.000