Magellan 8300

The Magellan™ 8300 bi-optic scanner is a high performance 5-sided scanner for medium volume checkout environments. It offers great performance, high quality and reliability, and outstanding value. It improves operational efficiency by achieving outstanding first-pass read rates and represents the next step in value and checkout productivity from the Magellan family and Datalogic ADC.

The 8300 can be configured as either scanner or scanner/scale combination with Datalogic’s exclusive, patented All-Weighs® scale platter to ensure accurate produce and bulk food weighing at the checkout. Two remote scale display options are available; a single display on a pole and a dual display on a single pole for applications requiring separate displays for the cashier and customer. Magellan 8300 models are available in three lengths: long, medium, and short (scanner only) to accommodate various POS configurations.

Flash memory allows for easy software upgrades that help extend the life of the retailer’s investment. In addition, an auxiliary RS-232 port can be utilized in a variety of ways, including adding a handheld scanner, programming and configuring the scanner, or accessing the scanners label data output. For applications requiring electronic article surveillance (EAS), the 8300 can be equipped with Checkpoint EAS and can support aftermarket integrated Sensormatic EAS antennas with good read acknowledgement via the auxiliary RS-232 port. Optional Value Added Features provide optional information tools that help decrease front-end costs by managing information on scanner software and diagnostics.


  • Aggressive and ergonomic 360° 5-sided scanning for best in class scanning performance
  • Renowned Magellan brand quality and reliability
  • All-Weighs Scale Platter with integrated Produce Lift Bar or Produce Rail™ (Optional)
  • FirstStrike advanced decoding software delivers the best performance in reading poor quality labels
  • Flash memory for easy software upgrades in the field
  • Compatible with Mettler, Bizerba and other adaptive scales
• 21/10/2016Product Reference Guide (PRG), Magellan 8300/8400 (English)
Contains instructions for installation, operation, maintenance, problem isolation, calibration, programming and more.
• 30/03/2016Regulatory Addendum, Magellan 83/8400
• 15/10/2015Quick Reference Guide, OPOS Service Objects, OEM USB, RS-232 Standard, RS-232 Single Cable
• 10/03/2015Quick Reference Guide (QRG), Magellan 8300/8400 (English)
Basic user information.
• 25/10/2013Calibration Process Quick Reference Sheet
Details the calibration process for 8300/8400 scanner/scales.
• 19/07/2013Quick Reference Guide (QRG), Magellan 8300/8400 (German)
Basic user information.
• 19/07/2013Quick Reference Guide (QRG), Magellan 8300/8400 (Spanish)
Basic user information.
• 01/12/2010Technical Guide, Magellan 8300/8400 (English)
• 01/12/2010Technical Guide, Magellan 8300/8400 (Spanish)
• 02/11/2010Instruction Sheet, Zero Sleep Label, Magellan 8300/8400/8500Xt (English)
• 14/10/2010Instruction Sheet, Installation, Flip-up Produce Rail, Magellan 8300/8400 (English)
• 03/06/2010Instruction Sheet, Leveling Feet, Magellan 8300/8400 (English)
• 03/06/2010Instruction Sheet, Removal/Installation of Platter Adapter Mount, Magellan 8300/8400 (English)
• 28/09/2007China RoHS, Table of Restricted Elements - Magellan 8300/8400 Non-Scale
• 28/09/2007China RoHS, Table of Restricted Elements - Magellan 8300/8400 Scale
Data Sheets
Solution Brochures
White Papers
• 07/05/2014Adaptive vs. Integrated Scanner/Scale Solutions
A Guide to Purchasing Scales for the Best ROI at the Point-of-Sale
• 07/05/2014Less Equals More with Magellan Scale Technology
A Guide to Dual Interval Weighing and Increased Profits at the Point-of-Sale
Softwares & Utilities - Utilities
• 14/12/2016OPOS MR3 1.14.143
OPOS drivers for Datalogic scanner/scales for all supported interfaces. Includes 1.14 CCOs for Scale, and fix for Single Cable scanner/scale Claim issue, and improved handling of Remote Management data including attached Handheld data on some Magellan scanners.
• 18/01/2016JavaPOS Drivers v1.13
- The JavaPOS Device Services are for JavaPOS-based POS Systems (Linux or Windows). Interface support includes Serial, USB-COM and OEM USB
• 14/11/2014Scanalyzer Scanner Configuration Tool
Datalogic Configuration and Maintenance tool for Fixed Retail Scanners.
• 29/01/2014Scanalyzer Configuration Tool User Manual
User Manual for the Scanalyzer Configuration Utility used to program and update Fixed Retail Scanners.
Datalogic Scanning Inc., the confirmed global leader in fixed position scanners, announces the newest addition to the rMagellan® family of high performance point-of-sale (POS) bar code scanners. The Magellan® 8400 scannerpacks powerful value with its exclusive bar-code reader technology and compact, economical scan engine design.
Success Stories
Major Retailer Celebrates One Decade with Datalogic at the Point-of-Sale
A major Retail Group in Sweden, focusing on the food industry, needed to upgrade their front-end POS system as well as their back-end office system. The group turned to the Magellan 2200VS scanners and the Magellan 8300 bi-optic scanners, which handle higher transaction volumes for larger grocery stores. They have exclusively been using Datalogic scanners for almost 11 years now!
Image Gallery
Magellan 8400/8300
Magellan 8400/8300
Magellan 8400/8300
Magellan 8400/8300
Magellan 8300, Right Facing
Magellan 8300, Left Facing
Magellan 8300, Data Sheet Art
Video Gallery
Datalogic Magellan All-Weighs Scale Platter
Datalogic Magellan All-Weighs Scale Platter
Magellan 8300/8400 - Produce Rail installation
Magellan 8300/8400 - Produce Rail installation
Magellan 8300/8400 - Calibration
Magellan 8300/8400 - Calibration
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