Magellan 8400, In-Counter/On-Counter Scanners/Scales

Magellan 8400

Magellan 8400

The Magellan™ 8400 is a bi-optic, five-sided laser scanner with outstanding first-pass read rates


Productivity Index Reporting™

360° 5-sided scanning

Host Download

FirstStrike advanced decoding

integrated Produce Lift Bar

All-Weighs Scale Platter


The Magellan™ 8400 bi-optic scanner is a high performing 5-sided POS scanner that improves operational efficiency by achieving outstanding first-pass read rates. It can be configured as either a scanner or as a scanner/scale combination with Datalogic’s exclusive, patented All-Weighs® scale platter to ensure accurate produce and bulk food weighing at the checkout.

Two remote scale display options are available; a single display on a pole and a dual display on a single pole for applications requiring separate displays for the cashier and customer. Magellan 8400 models are available in three lengths: long, medium and short (scanner only) to accommodate various POS configurations.

Flash memory allows for easy software upgrades that help extend the life of the retailer’s investment. In addition, an auxiliary RS-232 port can be utilized in a variety of ways, including adding a handheld scanner, programming and configuring the scanner, or accessing the scanners’ label data output. For applications requiring electronic article surveillance (EAS), the 8400 scanner can be equipped with Checkpoint EAS and can support integrated Sensormatic EAS antennas with good-read acknowledgement via the auxiliary RS-232 port.

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15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - German
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Magellan 8400
22/09/2014 - Magellan 8400 ~ German
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