Magellan 9800i, In-Counter/On-Counter Scanners/Scales

Magellan 9800i

Magellan 9800i

The Magellan™ 9800i imaging scanner has a low bonnet height and reads 1D, 2D and Digimarc® Barcodes


All-Weighs™ Scale Platter

Full digital scanning & image capture

Top Down Reader

Digital watermark decoding

Datalogic Clear™ Glass

Sleek low profile design


The Magellan 9800i scanner offers state-of-the-art imaging with high reliability designed to provide maximum throughput for both 1D and 2D bar codes. This scanner is the world’s first grocery checkout bar code scanner driven completely by high performance digital imaging.

The striking design improves ergonomics with its lower bonnet height allowing improved placement of POS or Self-Checkout touchscreens, payment terminals and receipt printers. The centered speaker provides audio feedback with customizable WAV files for greater fidelity. The large horizontal window is ergonomically positioned for both standing and seated cashiers.

A unique optional feature is the Top Down Reader (TDR) that delivers seamless scanning of top-marked items. The Magellan 9800i scanner with TDR also has a customer-facing imager allowing shoppers to quickly and easily self-scan digital coupons from mobile devices, paper-based coupons and loyalty cards.

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EASEOFCARE- Service Program
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - German
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-DE Rev D (.pdf, 128054 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - English LTR
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-EN Rev D (.pdf, 133122 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - English A4
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-ENA4 Rev D (.pdf, 126880 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - Spanish
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-ES Rev D (.pdf, 128512 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - French
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-FR Rev D (.pdf, 126962 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - Italian
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-IT Rev D (.pdf, 125888 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - Brazilian Portuguese
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-PT Rev D (.pdf, 127846 byte)
17/11/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs ~ Polish
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-PL Rev D (.pdf, 140259 byte)
Magellan 9800i
08/10/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ Japanese
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-JA Rev H (.pdf, 320591 byte)
08/10/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ Brazilian Portuguese
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-PT Rev H (.pdf, 220646 byte)
08/12/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ German
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-DE Rev I (.pdf, 223252 byte)
08/12/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ English LTR
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-EN Rev I (.pdf, 209867 byte)
08/12/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ English A4
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-ENA4 Rev I (.pdf, 209828 byte)
08/12/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ French
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-FR Rev I (.pdf, 221684 byte)
08/12/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ Italian
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-IT Rev I (.pdf, 219576 byte)
15/12/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ Polish
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-PL Rev I (.pdf, 222784 byte)
15/12/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ Russian
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-RU Rev I (.pdf, 243090 byte)
08/12/2015 - Magellan 9800i ~ Chinese
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-ZH Rev I (.pdf, 363502 byte)
12/01/2016 - Magellan 9800i ~ Spanish
DS-MAGELLAN9800i-ES Rev I (.pdf, 220555 byte)
OPOS MR4 1.14.148
MGL 9800i RS-232 Parameters
29/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_RS232_PARAMETERS
MGL9800i RS-232 Options (.pdf, 217412 byte)
MGL 9800i Label ID Options
22/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_LABEL_ID
MGL 9800i Label ID (.pdf, 200136 byte)
MGL 9800i Remote Display Options
22/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_REMOTE_DISPLAY
MGL 9800i Remote Display (.pdf, 198489 byte)
MGL 9800i Suffixes
22/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_SUFFIXES
MGL 9800i Suffixes (.pdf, 200580 byte)
MGL 9800i UPC/EAN Number System Digit and Check Digit Options
22/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_NSD_CD_
MGL 9800i UPC/EAN NSD/CD (.pdf, 214245 byte)
MGL 9800i Cash Register Express Set Up
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_CASH_REGISTER_EXPRESS
MGL 9800i CRE (.pdf, 244218 byte)
MGL 9800i ComCash Set Up
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_COMCASH
MGL 9800i Comcash (.pdf, 208211 byte)
MGL 9800i Coupon Filter Setting
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_COUPON_FILTER
MGL9800i Coupon Filter (.pdf, 199866 byte)
MGL 9800i GS1 Settings
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_GS1_DATABAR
MGL 9800i GS1 (.pdf, 202315 byte)
MGL 9800i ICL ISS45 Set Up
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i ICL ISS45
MGL 9800i ICL ISS45 (.pdf, 215737 byte)
MGL 9800i Interface Selections
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i_INTERFACES
MGL 9800i Interfaces (.pdf, 203184 byte)
MGL 9800i Retailix Set Up
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i Retalix
MGL 9800i Retailix (.pdf, 211200 byte)
MGL 9800i Scale Sentry Settings
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i Sentry
MGL 9800i Sentry (.pdf, 193740 byte)
MGL 9800i TDR Options
21/01/2015 - MGL 9800i TDR
MGL 9800i TDR (.pdf, 193670 byte)
Retail Store Automation: Bringing Vision to Every Level of Retail
04/03/2014 - Retail Store Automation - Russian
BR-RETAIL-RU Rev A (.pdf, 23787806 byte)
12/03/2014 - Retail Store Automation - Turkish
BR-RETAIL-TR Rev A (.pdf, 23792769 byte)
26/08/2014 - Retail Store Automation - French
BR-RETAIL-FR Rev A (.pdf, 13856775 byte)
05/12/2016 - Retail Store Automation ~ English A4
BR-RETAIL-ENA4 Rev D (.pdf, 7628443 byte)
06/12/2016 - Retail Store Automation ~ Italian
BR-RETAIL-IT Rev C (.pdf, 7566035 byte)
04/01/2017 - Retail Store Automation ~ Polish
BR-RETAIL-PL Rev C (.pdf, 7642627 byte)
27/04/2017 - Retail Store Automation ~ Spanish
BR-RETAIL-ES Rev B (.pdf, 12209862 byte)
Solution Guides for High Volume Retail
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ English
SG-RETAILHP-EN Rev D (.pdf, 669792 byte)
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Spanish
SG-RETAILHP-ES Rev C (.pdf, 667597 byte)
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ French
SG-RETAILHP-FR Rev C (.pdf, 673308 byte)
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Italian
SG-RETAILHP-IT Rev C (.pdf, 665999 byte)
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Russian
SG-RETAILHP-RU Rev C (.pdf, 720082 byte)
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Chinese
SG-RETAILHP-ZH Rev D (.pdf, 784415 byte)
10/06/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Polish
SG-RETAILHP-PL Rev C (.pdf, 668210 byte)
13/06/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Czech
SG-RETAILHP-CZ Rev B (.pdf, 671301 byte)
13/06/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Slovakian
SG-RETAILHP-SK Rev B (.pdf, 671929 byte)
16/06/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Turkish
SG-RETAILHP-TR Rev C (.pdf, 668138 byte)
17/01/2017 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Brazilian Portuguese
SG-RETAILHP-PT(1) Rev D (.pdf, 666237 byte)
Digimarc Feature Overview
21/03/2017 - Digimarc Barcodes ~ English
FO-DIGIMARC-EN Rev D (.pdf, 168360 byte)
21/03/2017 - Digimarc Barcodes ~ German
FO-DIGIMARC-DE Rev D (.pdf, 167998 byte)
21/03/2017 - Digimarc Barcodes ~ English A4
FO-DIGIMARC-ENA4 Rev D (.pdf, 167274 byte)
21/03/2017 - Digimarc Barcodes ~ Polish
FO-DIGIMARC-PL Rev D (.pdf, 166617 byte)
21/03/2017 - Digimarc Barcodes ~ Russian
FO-DIGIMARC-RU Rev E (.pdf, 177145 byte)
21/03/2017 - Digimarc Barcodes ~ Chinese
FO-DIGIMARC-ZH Rev D (.pdf, 246144 byte)
21/03/2017 - Digimarc Barcodes ~ Brazilian Portuguese
FO-DIGIMARC-PT Rev D (.pdf, 168980 byte)
Magellan 9800i Product Brochure
18/08/2014 - Magellan 9800i Product Brochure - English US
BR-MG9800i-EN Rev C (.pdf, 2404171 byte)
18/08/2014 - Magellan 9800i Product Brochure - English A3
BR-MG9800i-ENA3 Rev C (.pdf, 2435655 byte)
02/09/2014 - Magellan 9800i Product Brochure - Spanish
BR-MG9800i-ES Rev A (.pdf, 1158343 byte)
31/10/2014 - Magellan 9800i Product Brochure ~ Polish
BR-MG9800i-PL Rev C (.pdf, 1108583 byte)

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Whenever the Total Cost of Ownership is critical for expense management, Datalogic customers can take advantage of different post-sales service packages following these basics guidelines: fixed costs, fully guaranteed turnaround, different service levels for various needs, different level of support ( from telephone to On Site emergency visit), high professionalism of Datalogic Repair Depots, original Datalogic spare parts, accurate quality control procedures. The Hot SWAP Maintenance Agreement is our 24 hour maintenance program that guarantees that defective products will be substituted within 24 hours of notification.

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