Joya Touch, Store Automation

Joya Touch

Joya Touch

Joya Touch is the multi-purpose device for use throughout retail, optimizing your ROI


4.3 inch FWVGA and QVGA display

2D imaging technology

Wireless charging with ‘Boost Mode’ and versatile locking 3 bay cradle

Datalogic SoftSpot technology for innovative triggering through touch display

Vibration feature to inform users

Multi-purpose device: handheld or pistol-grip options


The Joya Touch multi-purpose device allows consumer facing applications such as Self-Shopping, Queue Busting and Gift Registry to be resident on the same device as operational applications such as Shelf Replenishment, Inventory Control, Mark Downs, Price Checks and more.

With two form factors available (handheld and pistol-grip), retailers can deploy device configurations to match their applications. Changing from one form to the other is quick and easy.

The Joya Touch device comes with several innovative features such as the industry’s first wireless charging technology eliminating maintenance and cleaning of contacts on the device and cradles, fast charging mode and Datalogic SoftSpot™ technology for an easy-to-use soft trigger.

Packed with technology, this device supports Beacons for hyper-localized content, promotions and location sensing. This unique handheld device can connect a wide range of wireless peripheral devices such as printers and any other devices using the serial profile.

Joya Touch can be personalized by the user in several ways: by changing the color of the upper case and battery cover or even changing the front logo. Additionally, it is possible to order personalized screen protectors with corporate colors and themes or sell as sponsored advertising by consumer goods manufacturers.

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Shopevolution SDK
15/03/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ English
DS-SHOPEVOLUTIONSDK-EN Rev B (.pdf, 194125 byte)
15/03/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ English A4
DS-SHOPEVOLUTIONSDK-ENA4 Rev B (.pdf, 196052 byte)
15/03/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ Spanish
DS-SHOPEVOLUTIONSDK-ES Rev B (.pdf, 187158 byte)
15/03/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ Russian
DS-SHOPEVOLUTIONSDK-RU Rev B (.pdf, 225959 byte)
15/03/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ Brazilian Portuguese
DS-SHOPEVOLUTIONSDK-PT Rev B (.pdf, 198480 byte)
15/03/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ Chinese
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15/03/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ French
DS-SHOPEVOLUTIONSDK-FR Rev B (.pdf, 197732 byte)
15/03/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ Italian
DS-SHOPEVOLUTIONSDK-IT Rev B (.pdf, 196866 byte)
30/05/2017 - Shopevolution SDK ~ German
DS-SHOPEVOLUTIONSDK-DE Rev a (.pdf, 197675 byte)
Joya Touch
20/12/2016 - Joya Touch ~ German
DS-JOYATOUCH-DE Rev C (.pdf, 298156 byte)
20/12/2016 - Joya Touch ~ Polish
DS-JOYATOUCH-PL Rev C (.pdf, 300009 byte)
20/12/2016 - Joya Touch ~ Russian
DS-JOYATOUCH-RU Rev C (.pdf, 311439 byte)
20/12/2016 - Joya Touch ~ English LTR
DS-JOYATOUCH-EN Rev E (.pdf, 288058 byte)
20/12/2016 - Joya Touch ~ Italian
DS-JOYATOUCH-IT Rev D (.pdf, 296712 byte)
03/01/2017 - Joya Touch ~ Chinese
DS-JOYATOUCH-ZH Rev D (.pdf, 431451 byte)
03/01/2017 - Joya Touch ~ French
DS-JOYATOUCH-FR Rev D (.pdf, 296895 byte)
20/12/2016 - Joya Touch ~ English A4
DS-JOYATOUCH-ENA4 Rev E (.pdf, 295190 byte)
16/01/2017 - Joya Touch ~ Brazilian Portuguese
DS-JOYATOUCH-PT Rev A (.pdf, 295645 byte)
27/01/2017 - Joya Touch ~ Spanish
DS-JOYATOUCH-ES Rev E (.pdf, 293267 byte)
EASEOFCARE- Service Program
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - German
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-DE Rev D (.pdf, 128054 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - English LTR
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-EN Rev D (.pdf, 133122 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - English A4
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-ENA4 Rev D (.pdf, 126880 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - Spanish
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-ES Rev D (.pdf, 128512 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - French
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-FR Rev D (.pdf, 126962 byte)
15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - Italian
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15/05/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs - Brazilian Portuguese
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-PT Rev D (.pdf, 127846 byte)
17/11/2014 - EASEOFCARE Service Programs ~ Polish
DS-SERVICEPROGRAMS-PL Rev D (.pdf, 140259 byte)
Healthcare Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-Healthcare-ENA4
(.pdf, 1632622 byte)
Retail Store Automation: Bringing Vision to Every Level of Retail

Discover how Datalogic's data collection equipment can enhance the shopping and checkout experience for your customers.

12/03/2014 - Retail Store Automation - Turkish
BR-RETAIL-TR Rev A (.pdf, 23792769 byte)
26/08/2014 - Retail Store Automation - French
BR-RETAIL-FR Rev A (.pdf, 13856775 byte)
05/12/2016 - Retail Store Automation ~ English A4
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06/12/2016 - Retail Store Automation ~ Italian
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04/01/2017 - Retail Store Automation ~ Polish
BR-RETAIL-PL Rev C (.pdf, 7642627 byte)
27/04/2017 - Retail Store Automation ~ Spanish
BR-RETAIL-ES Rev B (.pdf, 12209862 byte)
12/05/2017 - Retail Store Automation ~ Russian
BR-RETAIL-RU Rev B (.pdf, 12153921 byte)
Solution Guides for High Volume Retail
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ English
SG-RETAILHP-EN Rev D (.pdf, 669792 byte)
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Spanish
SG-RETAILHP-ES Rev C (.pdf, 667597 byte)
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ French
SG-RETAILHP-FR Rev C (.pdf, 673308 byte)
02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Italian
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02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Russian
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02/05/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Chinese
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16/06/2016 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Turkish
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17/01/2017 - Solution Guides for High Volume Retail ~ Brazilian Portuguese
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Shopevolution 7
07/10/2016 - Shopevolution 7 Brochure ~ English A4
BR-SHOPEVOLUTION-7-ENA4 Rev A (.pdf, 1002431 byte)
07/11/2016 - Shopevolution 7 Brochure ~ Spanish
BR-SHOPEVOLUTION-7-ES Rev A (.pdf, 997574 byte)
10/11/2016 - Shopevolution 7 Brochure ~ Italian
BR-SHOPEVOLUTION-7-IT Rev A (.pdf, 996871 byte)
12/06/2017 - cem079_2_joya_touch
(.pdf, 114469 byte)
12/06/2017 - cem082_2_joya_touch_3slot_cradle
(.pdf, 106502 byte)

Customer Service

Datalogic’s Customer Services Organization offers a wide and complete range of post-sales services.  It is organized in three levels of support, in order to guarantee the most appropriate professional assistance based on the specific problem.

Datalogic’s Customer Service can deploy in the territory a team of multi-lingual professionals, with a broad technical expertise across the whole product range.

Our standard service portfolio includes : warranty extension,  fast turnaround time for  repairs, 24/7 /365 phone support, guaranteed availability of spare parts and next day on site intervention. We can tailor our service offering to your specific needs.  Our experts will support every stage of your projects, from feasibility study to extended post-sales support, performing, when necessary, root cause analysis and remediation.

 Download Customer Service Organization