DS8110, Unattended Scanning Systems



Top Class linear laser scanner for Trasportation and Logistic application


DS8110 is the new bar code reader offering top class reading performance at any operative conditions, designed to satisfy the most demanding applications in the Parcel Sorting and Baggage Handling applications.
Combining 30+ years experience and the most advanced technologies, DS8110 sets a new standard in T&L applications offering unique features and benefits.
The innovative DST (Digital Signal Technology) represents a milestone in Auto-ID market with drastic increase of DoF and FoV, even with unpredictable code quality.
DST offers stable and constant performance under any working conditions to assure logistic operators timely deliveries every days.
ASTRA™ G3, the latest version of ASTRA technology,offers outstanding performance multiplying optic capability and deep of field without any use of traditional and limited mechanical autofocus system.
Multi-headed tunnel configurations are perfectly managed based with new EBC-Ethernet Bus Connection, allowing high speed data transmission and real time signal synchronization inside the system.
EBC allows for redundant configuration, assuring no system deadlock in case of component failure. Ease of use, automatic setup and system diagnostics are perfectly satisfied thanks to e-GENIUS, the web browser configuration tool that allows you to access the system with a standard web-browser program
with no need for specific configuration software.

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Downloads for DS8110

T&L Accessory Manuals
28/07/2017 - PGD100_Installation_Manual_EN
(.pdf, 2618633 byte)
Power Supply Manuals
29/04/2016 - PWR-480B_Installation_Manual_DE
Rev 1215 (.pdf, 1009204 byte)
30/06/2017 - PWR-480B_Installation_Manual_EN
Rev 0617 (.pdf, 2527977 byte)
DS8110 Reference Manuals
29/04/2016 - DS8110_Reference_Manual_DE
Rev 1215 (.pdf, 11938172 byte)
29/08/2016 - DS8110_Reference_Manual_EN
Rev 0816 (.pdf, 11836741 byte)
DS8110 DX8210 SC5000 Host Mode Programming Manuals
29/06/2016 - DS8110_DX8210_SC5000_Host_Mode_Programming
(.pdf, 1061449 byte)
Retail Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-Retail-ENA4
(.pdf, 2470437 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Retail-ZH
(.pdf, 2675226 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-Retail-KR
(.pdf, 2653153 byte)
03/08/2017 - IG-Retail-IT
(.pdf, 2510818 byte)
Transportation & Logistics Industry Guide
25/05/2017 - IG-TandL-ENA4
(.pdf, 2345116 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-TandL-KR
(.pdf, 2596254 byte)
18/07/2017 - IG-TandL-ZH
(.pdf, 2612055 byte)
Identification Product Guide
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-ENUS
(.pdf, 1300295 byte)
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-ENA4
(.pdf, 1316063 byte)
31/03/2016 - PG-Identification-DE
(.pdf, 1315089 byte)
14/09/2015 - PG_Identification_FR
(.pdf, 824020 byte)
- PG-Identification-IT
(.pdf, 1494633 byte)
- PG-Identification-ZH
(.pdf, 1820595 byte)
Reference Guide Identification - Manufacturing
01/04/2014 - RG_ID_Manufacturing-ENA4
(.pdf, 4829514 byte)
09/11/2016 - RG_ID_Manufacturing-ENUS
(.pdf, 4565883 byte)
DS8110 Drawings
29/06/2015 - DS8110 (igs)
(.zip, 8398679 byte)
29/06/2015 - DS8110 (stp)
(.zip, 3710233 byte)
29/06/2015 - DS8110 Bracket (igs)
(.zip, 67676 byte)
29/06/2015 - DS8110 Bracket (stp)
(.zip, 157160 byte)
29/06/2015 - ACS8110 (igs)
(.zip, 5302310 byte)
29/06/2015 - ACS8110 (stp)
(.zip, 3237342 byte)
15/02/2016 - GFC-8110 (igs)
(.zip, 12593487 byte)
15/02/2016 - GFC-8110 (stp)
(.zip, 6819912 byte)
PWR-480B Drawings
29/06/2015 - PWR480B (igs)
(.zip, 3551740 byte)
29/06/2015 - PWR480B (stp)
(.zip, 651008 byte)
CE319_0 - DS8110
01/01/2017 - CE319_0 - DS8110
(.pdf, 0 byte)

Customer Service

Datalogic’s Customer Services Organization offers a wide and complete range of post-sales services (EASEOFCARE Agreements).  It is organized in three levels of support, in order to guarantee the most appropriate professional assistance based on the specific problem.

Datalogic’s Customer Service can deploy in the territory a team of multi-lingual professionals, with a broad technical expertise across the whole product range.

Our standard service portfolio includes : warranty extension,  fast turnaround time for  repairs, 24/7 /365 phone support, guaranteed availability of spare parts and next day on site intervention. We can tailor our service offering to your specific needs.  Our experts will support every stage of your projects, from feasibility study to extended post-sales support, performing, when necessary, root cause analysis and remediation.

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