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Pattern Sorting Tool

Pattern Sorting Tool

The Pattern Sorting Tool is a revolutionary and unrivalled new pattern matching tool for sorting applications


Recognition of patterns with random orientations and different sizes even if partially occluded; robustness against out-of-plane rotations and lighting variations

Large pattern database management


The Pattern Sorting Tool is a revolutionary and unrivalled new pattern matching tool for sorting applications now available in the IMPACT Software Suite. This state-of-the-art patented algorithm is able to find thousands of different patterns in an extremely effective way.
The Pattern Sorting Tool guarantees maximum performances and consistency in any situation, including identification of objects with poor textured graphics. This tool is a tremendous breakthrough in the machine vision industry as no algorithm is able to offer a reliable and robust recognition over such wide pattern databases today.
With the new Pattern Database Manager (PDM) software application, users can easily create new databases or edit existing ones. Adding, modifying or deleting patterns is quick and intuitive as well as linking the whole database to one or more IMPACT .vp files.

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Impact Software Release Notes and Readme 12_0_0

The release notes and readme files for Impact Software Release 12_0_0. This is the most recent release.

28/06/2018 - Impact VPM Lite Release Notes 12_0_0
(.pdf, 0,02 Mb)
28/06/2018 - Impact VPM Release Notes 12_0_0
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28/06/2018 - Readme Impact 12._0_0
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28/06/2018 - Readme VPM Lite 12_0_0
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Pattern Sorting tool
20/01/2016 - DS-PatternSortingTool-ENA4
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20/01/2016 - DS-PatternSortingTool-ENUS
(.pdf, 0,36 Mb)
20/01/2016 - DS-PatternSortingTool-DE
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Machine Vision Product Guide
31/03/2016 - Machine Vision Product Guide ~ English A4
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31/03/2016 - Machine Vision Product Guide ~ German
(.pdf, 1,29 Mb)
31/03/2016 - Machine Vision Product Guide ~ Italian
PG-MachineVision-IT Rev A (.pdf, 1,3 Mb)
10/02/2016 - Machine Vision Product Guide ~ Russian
PG-MachineVision-RU (.pdf, 1,09 Mb)
New Products Brochure 2018 ~ Lo Res
05/12/2017 - New Products Brochure 2018 ~ English A4
Brochure-New_Products-ENA4.pdf Rev A (.pdf, 1,87 Mb)
11/05/2018 - New Products Brochure 2018 ~ Russian
BR-NEW_PRODUCTS_2018-RU Rev A (.pdf, 2,01 Mb)
Vision Systems Reference Guide
19/07/2018 - RG-Machine Vision-ENA4
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19/07/2018 - RG-MachineVision-DE
(.pdf, 4,71 Mb)
19/07/2018 - RG-MachineVision-IT
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