SL2/4 SLIM, Safety



SL2/4 SLIM Safety Light Curtains offer Finger and Hand protection where space and cost saving are requested.


Type 2 / Type 4, No Dead Zone, Cascadability up to three units, Auto/Manual restart, EDM function configuration by wiring

SLIM profile: 15 x 32 mm

14, 24 and 34 mm resolutions

24 Vdc -/+ 20%

Pigtail cable with 5-poles M12 connectors

Pigtail cable with 5-poles connectors


SL2/4 SLIM Safety Light Curtains, with ultra-compact mechanical dimensions, offer Finger and Hand protection where space and cost saving are requested. Furthermore, the cascadable connection allows to fit any machinery shape and geometry.

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Downloads for SL2/4 SLIM

11/08/2016 - DS-SLIM-ENA4
(.pdf, 871508 byte)
02/12/2015 - DS-SLIM-DE
(.pdf, 1189125 byte)
11/08/2016 - DS-SLIM-ENUS
(.pdf, 872212 byte)
11/08/2016 - DS-SLIM-IT
(.pdf, 874972 byte)
SLIM Orientable Bracket Instruction Manuals
25/08/2016 - ST-K2-SL-C-OR_safetyaccessory_manual_Rev00_eng-ita
(.pdf, 275556 byte)
SLIM Instruction Manuals
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_manual_Rev00_deu
(.pdf, 3203749 byte)
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_manual_Rev00_eng
(.pdf, 3237465 byte)
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_manual_Rev00_esp
(.pdf, 3196960 byte)
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_manual_Rev00_fra
(.pdf, 3142588 byte)
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_manual_Rev00_ita
(.pdf, 3196114 byte)
SLIM Quick Guide
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_quickguide_Rev00_deu
(.pdf, 397089 byte)
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_quickguide_Rev00_eng
(.pdf, 390223 byte)
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_quickguide_Rev00_esp
(.pdf, 387816 byte)
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_quickguide_Rev00_fra
(.pdf, 386095 byte)
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_quickguide_Rev00_ita
(.pdf, 387491 byte)
Safety Product Guide
02/12/2015 - PG-Safety-ENA4
(.pdf, 4010826 byte)
02/12/2015 - PG-Safety-DE
(.pdf, 4288848 byte)
02/12/2015 - Pg-Safety-ENUS
(.pdf, 3683425 byte)
04/03/2016 - PG-Safety-IT
(.pdf, 4030018 byte)
20/06/2016 - PG-Safety-ZH
(.pdf, 3451008 byte)
Safety Catalog
13/05/2016 - CATALOG-Safety-ENA4
(.pdf, 15207270 byte)
08/06/2016 - CATALOG-Safety-IT
(.pdf, 15213799 byte)
17/06/2016 - CATALOG-Safety-ENUS
(.pdf, 15077802 byte)
03/02/2017 - CATALOG-Safety-DE
(.pdf, 15187418 byte)
SLIM Drawings
20/10/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_IGES
(.zip, 53747823 byte)
21/12/2015 - SLIM_safetylightcurtains_STEP
(.zip, 24353211 byte)

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