The new S15 series of M18 tubular sensors offers both plastic case version S15-PA and stainless steel IP69K housing version S15-NA.

S15-PA plastic version is recommended for cost and space savings with a wide selection of optic functions, ranging from 5 m retroflex to 1 m diffuse proximity and 12 cm background suppression.

S15-NA metal version include a widest optic function selection, all equipped with trimmer setting and metal M12 connector to improve the sensor robustness, thanks to IP69K protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Plastic short case version for cost and space saving
  • Stainless steel case version for IP69K protection
  • All optic functions at optimal operating distance
  • Models with fixed setting or trimmer adjustment
  • Cable, M12 connector and pig-tail versions


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Automatic machines
  • Packaging lines for food and pharma
  • Beverage and Bottling
  • Transportation lines
  • Ceramics working machines
  • Automatic warehouses

The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


952301450 S15-NA-5-A01-NK RRX NPN M12
952301370 S15-NA-5-A01-PK RRX PNP M12
952301460 S15-NA-5-B01-NK RRX POL NPN M12
952301380 S15-NA-5-B01-PK RRX POL PNP M12
952301480 S15-NA-5-C11-NK PROX MID NPN M12
952301400 S15-NA-5-C11-PK PROX MID PNP M12
952301490 S15-NA-5-C31-NK PROX LONG NPN M12
952301410 S15-NA-5-C31-PK PROX LONG PNP M12
952301510 S15-NA-5-F01-NK RECEIVER NPN M12
952301430 S15-NA-5-F01-PK RECEIVER PNP M12
952301440 S15-NA-5-G01-XG EMITTER M12
952301500 S15-NA-5-M01-NK BGS NPN M12
952301420 S15-NA-5-M01-PK BGS PNP M12
952301470 S15-NA-5-T01-NK RRX TRANS NPN M12
952301390 S15-NA-5-T01-PK RRX TRANS PNP M12
952301051 S15-PA-2-A00-NK RRX NPN CABLE
952301001 S15-PA-2-A00-PK RRX PNP CABLE
952301061 S15-PA-2-B00-NK RRX POL NPN CABLE
952301011 S15-PA-2-B00-PK RRX POL PNP CABLE
952301071 S15-PA-2-C00-NK PROX SHORT NPN CABLE
952301021 S15-PA-2-C00-PK PROX SHORT PNP CABLE
952301081 S15-PA-2-C10-NK PROX LONG NPN CABLE
952301031 S15-PA-2-C10-PK PROX LONG PNP CABLE
952301530 S15-PA-2-D50-NK PROX FIXED NPN CABLE
952301520 S15-PA-2-D50-PK PROX FIXED PNP CABLE
952301091 S15-PA-2-F00-NK RECEIVER NPN CABLE
952301041 S15-PA-2-F00-PK RECEIVER PNP CABLE
952301101 S15-PA-2-G00-XG EMITTER CABLE
952301161 S15-PA-3-A00-NK RRX NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301111 S15-PA-3-A00-PK RRX PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301171 S15-PA-3-B00-NK RRX POL NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301121 S15-PA-3-B00-PK RRX POL PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301181 S15-PA-3-C00-NK PROX SHORT NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301131 S15-PA-3-C00-PK PROX SHORT PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301191 S15-PA-3-C10-NK PROX LONG NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301141 S15-PA-3-C10-PK PROX LONG PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301550 S15-PA-3-D50-NK PROX FIXED NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301540 S15-PA-3-D50-PK PROX FIXED PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301201 S15-PA-3-F00-NK RECEIVER NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301151 S15-PA-3-F00-PK RECEIVER PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301211 S15-PA-3-G00-XG EMITTER PIGTAIL M12
952301300 S15-PA-5-A01-NK RRX NPN M12
952301220 S15-PA-5-A01-PK RRX PNP M12
952301310 S15-PA-5-B01-NK RRX POL NPN M12
952301230 S15-PA-5-B01-PK RRX POL PNP M12
952301330 S15-PA-5-C11-NK PROX MID NPN M12
952301250 S15-PA-5-C11-PK PROX MID PNP M12
952301340 S15-PA-5-C31-NK PROX LONG NPN M12
952301260 S15-PA-5-C31-PK PROX LONG PNP M12
952301360 S15-PA-5-F01-NK RECEIVER NPN M12
952301280 S15-PA-5-F01-PK RECEIVER PNP M12
952301290 S15-PA-5-G01-XG EMITTER M12
952301350 S15-PA-5-M01-NK BGS NPN M12
952301270 S15-PA-5-M01-PK BGS PNP M12
952301320 S15-PA-5-T01-NK RRX TRANS NPN M12
952301240 S15-PA-5-T01-PK RRX TRANS PNP M12

The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes


95ACC5240 M18 fixing bracket
95ACC5250 M18 fixing bracket
95ACC2630 flared fixing nut
95ACC5270 M18 fixing bracket
95ACC1370 fixed support for tubular M18 sensors
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