The S5 series offers a range of plastic tubular M18 photoelectric sensors.The most varied optic functions can be chosen amongst the fixed focus 15 mm and 50 mm or diffuse proximity models with short, medium or long operating distances reaching 60 cm; the 4 m retroreflex, 3 m polarised retroreflex and 1 m for detection of transparent materials; the 12 m through beam and models with fibre-optic connection. Different versions with either axial or radial optics are available. The series offers connector or cable connection, 3 wire Vac versions or 4 wire Vdc versions with complete configuration of the NPN/PNP output and dark/light mode.A red LED indicating the output status is visible on the bottom side of the sensor.
The versions with trimmer adjustment present also a green LED signalling the switching stability according to the received signal’s intensity.The rugged ABS housing always guarantees IP67 protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range: suitable for all the industrial applications
  • AC or DC version: application adaptability
  • Axial or radial optics: adaptability to the mechanical part of the plant


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Automatic machines
  • Packaging lines
  • Transportation lines
  • Ceramics working machines
  • Automatic warehouses

The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


952051640 S5-5-C60-30
952051650 S5-5-C60-32
952051680 S5-5-T1-30
952051690 S5-5-T1-32
G5110000 S5-1-G8-00 EMITTER 15/264VAC
G5110005 S5-1-G8-05 EMITTER 15/264VAC
G5110110 S5-1-F8-10 RECEIVER 15/264VAC
G5110120 S5-1-F8-20 RECEIVER 15/264VAC
G5110210 S5-1-A2-10 RRX 15/264VAC
G5110215 S5-1-A2-15 RRX 15/264VAC
G5110220 S5-1-A2-20 RRX 15/264VAC
G5110225 S5-1-A2-25 RRX 15/264VAC
G5110410 S5-1-D15-10 FF.PROX 15/264VAC
G5110420 S5-1-D15-20 FF.PROX 15/264VAC
952051940 S5-5-D50-92 FF.PROX 50MM M12 PNP NO
G5110510 S5-1-C8-10 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110515 S5-1-C8-15 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110520 S5-1-C8-20 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110525 S5-1-C8-25 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110610 S5-1-C30-10 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110615 S5-1-C30-15 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110620 S5-1-C30-20 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110625 S5-1-C30-25 PROX 15/264VAC
G5210000 S5-5-G12-00 EMITTER 10/30VDC
G5210002 S5-5-G12-02 EMITTER 10/30VDC
G5210005 S5-5-G8-05 EMITTER 10/30VDC
G5210007 S5-5-G8-07 EMITTER 10/30VDC
G5210130 S5-5-F12-30 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
G5210132 S5-5-F12-32 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
G5210135 S5-5-F8-35 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
G5210137 S5-5-F8-37 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
G5210230 S5-5-A4-30 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210232 S5-5-A4-32 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210235 S5-5-A4-35 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210237 S5-5-A4-37 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210262 S5-5-A4-62 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210282 S5-5-A4-82 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210430 S5-5-D15-30 FF.PROX 10/30VDC
G5210432 S5-5-D15-32 FF.PROX 10/30VDC
G5210435 S5-5-D15-35 FF.PROX 10/30VDC
G5210437 S5-5-D15-37 FF.PROX M12 10/30VDC
G5210530 S5-5-C10-30 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210532 S5-5-C10-32 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210535 S5-5-C10-35 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210537 S5-5-C10-37 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210630 S5-5-C35-30 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210632 S5-5-C35-32 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210635 S5-5-C35-35 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210637 S5-5-C35-37 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210692 S5-5-C35-92 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210730 S5-5-B3-30 RRX.POL 10/30VDC
G5210732 S5-5-B3-32 RRX.POL 10/30VDC
G5210735 S5-5-B3-35 RRX.POL 10/30VDC
G5210737 S5-5-B3-37 RRX.POL 10/30VDC
G5210830 S5-5-E1-30 R.P.FO. 10/30VDC
G5210832 S5-5-E1-32 R.P.FO. 10/30VDC
G5210972 S5-5-L2-72 FF.PROX 10/30VDC
G5210992 S5-5-L2-92 FF.PROX 10/30VDC

The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes


895000006 SWING-18
95ACC1380 MICRO-18 M18 support w.micrometric adju
95ACC5220 JOINT-18
G602000008 PLASTIC FIX.NUTS (100pcs)

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