TL50, Sensors



TL50 contrast sensor is recommended where a cost reduction is requested, without compromising performances


Operating distance 6-12 mm (up to 60 mm with lens) 15KHz switching frequency

80X55X31 mm




1 PNP output / 1 NPN output


Sturdy ABS Enclosure

Teach-in push-button


TL50 contrast sensor is recommended where a cost reduction is requested, without compromising the detection performances, such as RGB LED emission, 33ms response time and 15kHz switching frequency

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Downloads for TL50

TL50 Series Datasheet
31/12/2011 - DS-TL50_SERIES-ENA4
Rev 03 (.pdf, 493884 byte)
31/12/2011 - DS-TL50_SERIES-IT
Rev 03 (.pdf, 470748 byte)
TL50 Instruction Manuals
25/03/2013 - TL50_contrastsensors_manual_RevC_deu
(.pdf, 370865 byte)
25/03/2013 - TL50_contrastsensors_manual_RevC_eng
(.pdf, 365510 byte)
25/03/2013 - TL50_contrastsensors_manual_RevC_fra
(.pdf, 365821 byte)
25/03/2013 - TL50_contrastsensors_manual_RevC_ita
(.pdf, 360257 byte)
Sensors Product Guide
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-ENA4
(.pdf, 2848943 byte)
23/06/2016 - Pg-Sensors-ENUS
(.pdf, 2593777 byte)
03/03/2016 - PG-Sensors-DE
(.pdf, 2869618 byte)
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-IT
(.pdf, 2901176 byte)
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-ZH
(.pdf, 2494620 byte)
TL50 Drawings
21/11/2014 - TL50_contrastsensor_PDF
(.zip, 792325 byte)
21/11/2014 - TL50_contrastsensor_DWG
(.zip, 2521051 byte)

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