LD46, Sensors



LD46 is equipped with 5 UV high power LED emission and high sensitivity for luminescent objects detection


Operating distance 10-20, 20-40, or 30-50 mm Fast response time 250 µs and switching freq. 2 kHz Standard metal case with IP67 protection

81X58X31 mm



High power UV emission at 375 nm

NPN and PNP outputs and 0-5 V analogue out


Sturdy Aluminium housing

Teach-in setting 5 segments bar-graph for sensitivity level indication


LD46 offers UV high power LED emission, highest sensitivity on luminescent objects for precise packaging machinery synchronization, or material sorting and selection based on luminescent “invisible” mark detection.

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Downloads for LD46

LD46 Instruction Manuals
14/04/2011 - LD46UL luminescencesensors manual rev C deu
(.pdf, 186083 byte)
14/04/2011 - LD46UL luminescencesensors manual rev C eng
(.pdf, 183084 byte)
14/04/2011 - LD46UL luminescencesensors manual rev C fra
(.pdf, 185606 byte)
14/04/2011 - LD46UL luminescencesensors manual rev C ita
(.pdf, 186195 byte)
(.pdf, 1145081 byte)
(.pdf, 1153696 byte)
Photoelectric Sensors Catalog
23/03/2016 - CATALOG-PhotoelectricSensors-ENA4
(.pdf, 36304760 byte)
20/06/2016 - CATALOG-PhotoelectricSensors-IT
(.pdf, 36897114 byte)
22/06/2016 - CATALOG-PhotoelectricSensors-ENUS
(.pdf, 36528766 byte)
Sensors Product Guide
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-ENA4
(.pdf, 2848943 byte)
23/06/2016 - Pg-Sensors-ENUS
(.pdf, 2593777 byte)
03/03/2016 - PG-Sensors-DE
(.pdf, 2869618 byte)
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-IT
(.pdf, 2901176 byte)
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-ZH
(.pdf, 2494620 byte)
LD46 Drawings
04/04/2013 - LD46_luminescencesensors_PDF
(.zip, 584188 byte)
04/04/2013 - LD46_luminescencesensors_DWG
(.zip, 3206781 byte)
06/05/2013 - LD46_luminescencesensors_IGES
(.igs, 22174440 byte)
10/11/2016 - LD46_luminescencesensors_STEP
(.stp, 7706669 byte)
CE388_0 - LD46
01/01/2017 - CE388_0 - LD46
(.pdf, 33792 byte)
AtEx - TL46_LD46_TL50_LD50 Declaration
01/01/2017 - AtEx - TL46_LD46_TL50_LD50 Declaration
(.pdf, 0 byte)

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