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EASEOFBIZ Channel Program - Europe, Middle East, Africa

Shared Value. Shared Goals. Shared Success

Datalogic ADC is dedicated to providing our partners with quality products, services and support tools to assist their efforts in marketing our general purpose and industrial handheld products, mobile computers and high-performance scanners and scanner/scales.
While the AIDC industry is reaching a stage of maturity and its boundaries are blurring and merging with neighboring industries, while channel players are continuously reshaping their business models to better fit with end-user demands, Datalogic ADC reaffirms its philosophy to follow the evolution of the channel by supporting Partners with a winning business model. This means recognizing the uniqueness and points of strength of our Partners and designing with them our journey to success.
The EASEOFBIZ channel program supports a mutual commitment to success. Whether your business is project driven, solution or distribution oriented you can find in EASEOFBIZ the appropriate options to reward your cooperation with us and boost the development of your business model of choice.
The benefit package of EASEOFBIZ is aimed at your top and bottom line: we want to increase your business opportunities, increase your success rate in negotiations, smooth your operations and reduce the cost of transaction and cost of relationship with us. In a phrase, we want you to win more customers and be more profitable working together with us.

Authorized Distributor
Datalogic ADC's Authorized Distributors are on the first tier of distribution. They sell exclusively to Resellers not end users. They provide services such as fast delivery, configuration assistance, financing as well as educational programs and partner marketing.

Diamond Partner
Our program is designed to provide our Diamond Partners with higher margin opportunities, cooperative selling and the opportunity for growth. A Diamond's focus on delivering valuable products and solutions for the commercial and industrial markets is important to Datalogic ADC and will be rewarded accordingly.

 Business Advantage Reseller or BAR Partner
Our program is designed to provide our BAR Partners with an array of focused services: we want you to save time in accessing sales, marketing and technical information you need to fulfill your customer needs, develop your technical skills, benefit from leads, and exclusive promotions.

Accredited Reseller or AR Partner
Accredited Reseller is the first step in establishing a relationship with Datalogic ADC. Companies who meet the requirements for Accredited Reseller status gain access to core Datalogic ADC products, tools and training.


To participate in the EASEOFBIZ Partner program, we ask that you first complete an Application Form. The form is intended to provide us with information about your company so that we may determine how best to satisfy your partnering needs and ensure your success.
Once your profile has been submitted, you will be contacted by a Datalogic ADC Representative to discuss your profile application and how we can work together to build a successful and long term partnership.

If you have any questions with regard to the profile form, please contact our Datalogic ADC Program Administrator via email at easeofbiz.adc@datalogic.com.