Datalogic consolidates its leadership in the retail sector through an agreement made to supply D.M.O., CAD, Determarket, Target, Beauty Star and L'Isola dei Tesori brands, approximately 400 mobile computers

Bologna, November 25, 2010 - Datalogic will supply D.M.O. Group with about 400 handheld mobile computers, through its controlled company Datalogic Mobile, for an approximate value of 400,000 Euro. The devices will be used to update and manage their central warehouse.

Thanks to the partnership made with Datalogic and a sophisticated computer system, the D.M.O. Group, a company from Padova specialized in direct management of points of sales with the brands CAD, Determarket, Target, Beauty Star and Isola dei Tesori, will be able to monitor product output from over 300 points of sale spread all over the Italian territory and effectively manage the assortment in real time.

All the operators of the subsidiaries will be equipped with the Memor™, which guarantees real time data transmission to information systems, while the central warehouse workers will use the Skorpio Gun™ and Kyman™ handheld devices to constantly update input, pick-up and merchandise output data.

Datalogic has also provided EaseofCare service to D.M.O., guaranteeing total coverage for failures and repairs within two days of breakage for the next few years.

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic, commented, With this new partnership, Datalogic consolidates its position as leader in the retail market once again, demonstrating the quality and special attributes of our technological solutions. I would like to emphasize, in particular, that Datalogic is highly appreciated by our partners and customers as an Italian company that is international at the same time, and capable of reacting quickly in terms of technical and commercial needs, always maintaining high levels of quality and efficiency.”