Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A. has just reached his first 100 days working for the company. Mr. Sacchetto commented “I was attracted by two distinctive features of Datalogic: its technological vocation and strong internationalisation”

Bologna, Italy, 6 July 2009 - Mauro Sacchetto, Chief Executive Officer of Datalogic S.p.A., has just reached his first 100 days working for the company. 50 years old, Degree in Physics at the University of Milan (Italy), new Chief Executive Officer of Datalogic Group since last April Mr. Sacchetto has acquired comprehensive and proficient International experience in complex and qualified multinational enterprises that operate in Telecommunications, Electronics, Microelectronics and Information Technology, where he managed companies operating in Europe (Bull Compuprint, Monsanto and Pirelli) and in USA (Intel and Monsanto).

"I was attracted by two distinctive features of Datalogic - Mr. Sacchetto commented - Its technological vocation and strong internationalization. These aspects suit my perdurable career inspirations just perfectly. I have always worked for companies where technology played an important role and, at the end of my first months in Datalogic, my expectations in this sense have been fully satisfied". "I had a positive sensation for Datalogic's team right from word go - Mr. Sacchetto continued. The management's specific skills are very high and the impression is that of a truly close and tenacious team. In two months I interviewed 72 employees, with the aim to get closer and involve the middle management especially".

"My entrance in the Group coincided with a market contraction and a worldwide crisis. Notwithstanding the negative scenario Datalogic is an extremely solid company able to minimize the crisis impact. No market share have been lost and this is obviously an evident confirmation. Only a winning team has the ability to face the international market, even more so in these times of worldwide crisis. A team is a winner when it realises and firmly believes in the company's targets - Mr. Sacchetto pointed out - this is why it is important to clarify all the goals to be pursued and this can only be ensured through a tenacious and constant in-house communication system in order to inform all the employees and get them actively involved. The use of technology must subsequently be further propagated to provide in-house and out-of-house services (training courses, seminars, update briefings…) to boost know-how and skills: I firmly believe that an efficient information system creates motivations and makes the difference in a company that aims at excellence".

"It is essential - Mr. Sacchetto added - to be up and ready when the economy begins to grow again. We will consequently continue to invest in Research and Development. Finally, I would like to see more women managers occupying decision-making roles. I am convinced that women have much to offer thanks to their force in obtaining results and in their inborn organizational abilities".