DSE0420 Scan Module

The DSE0420 is the decoded version of the DE2011-DL ultra-compact high performance 2D imager engine. The scan engine features an exceptional high-speed sensor which enables image capture at a full 60 frames per second, delivering outstanding motion tolerance.

The DSE0420 scan module includes Datalogic’s snappy, high-performance decoder which can read all common 1D and 2D bar codes. It can be installed into the device as a whole scan module (mounted by a metal bracket), or separately for application environments that have very limited space at the front end. Customers can embed the decoder board at another location and connect it to the scan engine through an industry standard flat cable. The decoder board can be connected to the device’s main board through a standard USB flat cable, which supports all USB interfaces such as USB Keyboard, USB HID and USB COM.  DSE0420-D connects via a microUSB cable.


  • Scan engine can be installed with the decoder board as one module or separately
  • Highly visible center cross with four corner dots aiming system
  • Steady white illumination
  • Snappy reading performance with high motion tolerance
  • Excellent reading of 1D or 2D codes on print or displayed on mobile device or computer screens
  • Low power consumption enables longer battery life
  • Datalogic’s ‘Green Spot’ technology for visual good-read feedback (optional)
  • DSE0420-D Demo Kit available, features a trigger and interface board
DSE0420 Decoded Scan Module
DSE0420 2D Decoded Scan Engine, USBDSE0420
DSE0420 2D Scan Engine, Demo KitDSE0420-D
• 02/29/2016Product Reference Guide (PRG), DSE0420 - Area Imager Barcode Reader
• 10/21/2015Integration Guide, DSE0420
Data Sheets
Softwares & Utilities - Utilities
• 11/10/2015Datalogic Aladdin v1. Build Number 151030 351
The powerful and versatile all in one software tool that offers easy and fast reader set-up. Datalogic Aladdin provides customers the opportunity to manage the configuration of handheld products, and allows flexible advanced formatting through an intuitive graphical user interface. The software tool also makes it easy for customers to upgrade the handhelds firmware, to attain the benefits of new reader features. Datalogic Aladdin, used in combination with the Datalogic USB-COM drivers, supports the following Microsoft® operating systems: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, and Windows® 7, both 32 and 64-bit versions.
Galería de Imágenes
DSE0420 Scan Module With Integrated Board, Right Facing
DSE0420 Scan Module Kit, Left Facing
DSE0420 Scan Module
DSE0420 2D Scan Module, Comparison with U.S. Quarter
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