Metal Face


The inductive proximity sensors belonging to the Metal Face line were made mainly for applications in extreme environments and cannot  be solved with standard formats. Thanks to their stainless steel active face and the sturdy housing, they are able to withstand the shocks and the aggressive action of detergents and solvents used in environments subject to frequent high-pressure washing.
Version are available with a diameter of 12 or 18 mm with M12 standard connector.

Características y Beneficios

  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Stainless Steel active face
  • Standard housing length
  • Operating distance: 2 … 8 mm
  • Housing diameters: M12, M18
  • Connections type: M12 connector
  • Connections: 3 wires
  • Outputs: PNP, NO
  • IP67 protection


Esta serie de productos ha sido desarrollada para satisfacer las exigencias de los siguientes sectores industriales:

  • Máquinas automáticas
  • Líneas de embalaje
  • Cintas transportadoras
  • Almacenes automáticos
  • Industria del automóvil

Esta serie de productos ofrece los siguientes modelos:

Referencias de pedido


95B065340 IS-12-I1-S2 Ø12 FLUSH METAL FACE M12
95B063871 IS-12-L1-S2 Ø12 NON FLUSH METAL FACE M12
95B065350 IS-18-I1-S2 Ø18 FLUSH METAL FACE M12
95B063881 IS-18-L1-S2 Ø18 NON FLUSH METAL FACE M12

Los siguientes accesorios están disponibles para facilitar la instalación y optimizar el rendimiento del producto:

Referencias de pedido


M12 4-pole 3 wire
95A251290 CS-A1-01-G-03 3 poles straight 3m gray
95A251300 CS-A1-01-G-05 3 poles straight 5m gray
95A251320 CS-A1-01-G-07 3 poles straight 7m gray
95A251340 CS-A1-01-G-10 3 poles straight 10m gray
95A251200 CS-A2-01-G-03 3 poles 90° 3m gray
95A251210 CS-A2-01-G-05 3 poles 90° 5m gray
95A251220 CS-A2-01-G-07 3 poles 90° 7m gray
95A251230 CS-A2-01-G-10 3 poles 90° 10m gray
95A251310 CS-A2-11-G-05 3 poles 90° + LED 5m gray
95A251330 CS-A2-11-G-10 3 poles 90° + LED 10m gray
Mounting brackets
95ACC3340 ST1218 Brackets M12/M18 sensors
95ACC5240 ST-5011 fixing bracket short S50/S51
95ACC5250 ST-5012 fixing bracket long S50/S51
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• 08/22/2014M12 Inductive Drawings
• 08/22/2014M18 Inductive Drawings
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Metal Face M12-M18
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