MX-U Series


The new MX-U Series of vision processors combine superior image acquisition and outstanding computing power creating the perfect solution with unmatched performance for high-end machine vision applications.

The MX-U family gives you the speed and flexibility to tackle even the most demanding inspection applications in Pharma, Food & Beverage and Electronics.

Datalogic continues its leadership in machine vision with this comprehensive range of industrial PCs. They are packed with technology including the latest Intel® multi-core chipsets offering outstanding computing capabilities. State-of-the-art USB 3.0 connectivity delivers ultra wide bandwidth to support camera image acquisition at high frame rates and resolutions.  All this managed and controlled using IMPACT, Datalogic’s leading edge graphical interface.

Características y Beneficios

  • Ultra high-speed using the latest Intel® multi-core chipsets
  • High performance USB 3.0 ports support a wide selection of cameras
  • Multi camera support for maximum ROI
  • IMPACT Software Suite included for countless applications


The MX-U Series further extends the Machine Vision portfolio reinforcing Datalogic as the preferred partner for automated inspection solutions.

  • Packaging: verifying the cap positioning on bottles, performing OCR reading on food packages
  • Medical: inspecting medical device assemblies
  • Electronics: aligning electronic components and sub-assemblies
  • Pharmaceutical: inspecting syringe needles

Esta serie de productos ofrece los siguientes modelos:

Referencias de pedido


959912102 MX-U20 Vision Processor, Windows 7
959914104 MX-U40 Vision Processor, Windows 7
959918104 MX-U80 Vision Processor, Windows 7
93ACC0132 Dongle, MX-U20 Vision Processor
93ACC0133 Dongle, MX-U40 Vision Processor
93ACC0134 Dongle, MX-U80 Vision Processor

Los siguientes accesorios están disponibles para facilitar la instalación y optimizar el rendimiento del producto:

Referencias de pedido


I/O Cables, MX-U Series
606-0675-.75 Cable, I/O, MX Series, Processor to Terminal Block, .75 Meter
606-0675-1.5 Cable, I/O, MX Series, Processor to Terminal Block, 1.5 Meter
606-0675-3 Cable, I/O, MX Series, Processor to Terminal Block, 3 Meter
606-0675-4.5 Cable, I/O, MX Series, Processor to Terminal Block, 4.5 Meter
606-0675-7.5 Cable, I/O, MX Series, Processor to Terminal Block, 7.5 Meter
95A906060 Cable, I/O, MX Series, Processor to Terminal Block, 15 Meter
I/O Boards, MX-U Series
248-0110 I/O Board, MX Series Processors, Female DB37, DIN Rail Mountable, no isolation
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Softwares & Utilities - SW & Utilities
• 06/01/2016Impact Machine Vision Trial Software
This is a Free Trial version of Impact Machine Vision Software. This fully-functional software does not require a camera. See the Readme file for system requirements. Choose 32-bit or 64-bit for your computer's Operating System. Impact Lite Trial Software works with P-Series cameras.
• 12/07/2015MX-U and MX-E Series Step Drawings
Step Drawings for the MX-U Series Processors: MX-U20, MX-U40, and MX-U80; and MX-E Series Processors: MX-E20, MX-E40, and MX-E80
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