The first Coop Lombardia Hypermarket with Joya and Shopevolution! The Hypermarket in Milan uses Datalogic’s Joya and Shopevolution for an innovative self-shopping service

Milan, July 2011 - Coop Lombardia chooses Datalogic’s self-shopping solution for its first Hypermarket to guarantee its members a unique shopping experience in terms of speed, autonomy and fun.

The new Ipercoop is in the Centro Sarca, an important shopping center located in one of the most densely populated areas of Milan, includes over 80 stores, 14 restaurants for all tastes, a Mutliplex Skiline 10 movie theater and much more.

The Salvatempo service provided to Ipercoop Sarca (7,300 square meters and 36 checkout counters), allows Coop members to automatically calculate the shopping total with Joya, as they put the merchandise in the cart and pay the amount due at the checkout counter immediately.

Three hundred Joya’s will be available to the members that use the Salvatempo service so they can register product prices, by reading the bar code on the individual product package, and then put the product directly into the bag, without having to take it out again at the checkout. Every time a product code is read, the terminal updates the total amount due instantly and shows this on Joya’s display. Other information about products, special offers in the hypermarket and fidelity points obtained can also be consulted.

Once the customer has finished shopping, he/she must simply hand Joya over to the clerk, who prints out the receipt, and then the customer pays the total amount due, without having to wait in line and without having to put the merchandise on the conveyor.

 “The introduction of the Salvatempo service in the Ipercoop of Milan and the satisfaction of the Coop’s members strengthens Datalogic and Coop’s partnership even more,” commented Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic Group. “In fact, consumers always appreciate those who can offer solutions that save time during shopping and that assure a conscious and fun shopping experience .”

The hypermarket in Centro Sarca consolidates a positive partnership between Coop Lombardia and Datalogic (with two other hypermarket projects foreseen in 2011) that started in 2003 and continued with the management of nine sales points. This choice not only confirms the desire to offer a modern and efficient shopping service, but also the always favorable response of members towards new service proposals at Coop.

In this manner, Datalogic continues to reaffirm Shopevolution’s success and its leadership in this sector with installations at over 380 sales points in several countries, such as Italy (Coop, Conad, Auchan, Esselunga, Famila, Lombardini, Finiper and E.Leclerc Conad), France (Groupe Casino, ATAC and Carrefour), Belgium (Delhaize Group and Carrefour) and the United States.

This also demonstrates the importance of understanding the market and consumers, as well as the powerful trend toward innovation, for constant and ongoing growth.