Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Roberto Tunioli, Vice Chairman and CEO of Datalogic is the National Winner of the 10th Edition

Roberto Tunioli, Vice Chairman and CEO of Datalogic is “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2006.

Bologna, 28th November 2006 - The entrepreneur from Bologna is the national winner of the 10th Italian edition of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award which is given to business leaders who have distinguished themselves for their talent, initiative, commitment and contribution to the socio-economic growth of their country. The national winner is chosen by the jury for the best strategic use of the opportunities and levers offered by the economy on a national and global level.

Tunioli was chosen as the best example of entrepreneurial excellence for the following reason: "With the acquisition in 2005 of one of the main USA competitors, that represents the pinnacle of a series of acquisitions, the company doubles its sales turnover making it a colossus in the automated data capture sector, third worldwide and European leader."

The ceremony, which took place in Milan, was opened by the round table of "Italian Entrepreneurs: 10 years, an award and several success factors", saw Roberto Tunioli on the podium as the National Winner 2006.

Tunioli will now represent Italy at the World Entrepreneur of the  Year 2007, the award organised by Ernst & Young on an international level, where he will be confronted with the best entrepreneurs from 40 other participating countries, competing for the recognition "best of the best" as the best entrepreneur in the world.

"This recognition is of immense symbolical value because it seals not only my personal success but also that collective commitment of a company that is made up of many people who have enabled, with their absolute commitment, the construction of a company model which I hope can represent today an example for several enterprises in our country," remarked Roberto Tunioli. "I would like to add, certain of not appearing vainly rhetorical, my emotion in knowing that I will soon be called to represent Italy and many of my colleague-entrepreneurs at the next international edition of this event, and hope to be able to return with a recognition which is not only mine and of Datalogic but of all those who daily strive for the growth of their companies and our economy."

Roberto Tunioli is already by right a member of the Entrepreneur of the Year  Association - which has amongst its goals the advancement of research in the sciences of economics, welfare, justice and business - and contributes with his experience in the face of more present-day subjects.