Matrix™ imager enables quick and accurate management of blood bags

Datalogic Automation image-based ID reader, Matrix 410™, was chosen by Rotterdam Hospital for blood bags identification and registration.

The Clinical Chemistry Laboratory of Ikazia (Rotterdam, Holland), scans the barcodes of blood bags with a new reading solution implemented by Zetes, a leading system integrator.
Labels of vulnerable blood products contain numerous barcodes (5 and 18 digits), each with its own meaning. Matrix 410™ is able to read the different barcodes quickly and accurately, then only one image of all barcodes present on the label is recorded in the laboratory information system. The camera is OMNI-Directional and able to read damaged barcodes, thus substantially improving efficiency.

“Thanks to Datalogic Automation camera, registration of all blood products we use for analysis in the laboratory is significantly faster and error-free” said Raoul Fallaux, Analyst/Application Manager KCL at Ikazia Hospital Rotterdam. “Previously, all barcodes were scanned separately and despite accurate work risk of errors was high”.