Datalogic an ever-powerful leader in the States. Three companies of the Group earn recognition from the authoritative American magazine “Business Solutions” as “Best Channel Vendor”.

Bologna, Italy, January 26, 2009 - "Business Solutions", a specialist magazine for the IT industry, awarded Datalogic with the "Best Channel Vendor 2009" recognition. Three companies of the Group were selected for these adjudications: Datalogic Scanning, the worldwide leader in fixed scanners for the retail market, Datalogic Mobile, specialised in professional mobile computers and Informatics through its Business Unit Wasp.

What are the reasons for these coveted awards? Datalogic Scanning has won the leading position in the category of automatic data collection hardware systems and in the Point-Of-Sale (POS) hardware category too. Datalogic Mobile won first place in the category of automatic data collection hardware systems and in the Wireless & Mobility category. Finally, Informatics with its Business Unit Wasp Barcode Technologies, won over 1,600 votes of Value Added Resellers (VAR) in the categories of automatic data collection hardware systems and barcode labelling software.

Outstanding success  for the company from Bologna, which won this recognition through an impressive three companies of the Group, on a market such as the American one, that is incredibly competitive and that focuses strongly on innovation, quality of the products sold, their performance and the service offered. The questionnaire, drawn-up by "Business Solutions" magazine in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, was processed to guarantee the statistical integrity of the survey and to ensure the most accurate result possible.

"We are truly honoured - said Roberto Tunioli (CEO of Datalogic Group) - to be recognised as the market leader by our Business Partners. In particular, we are delighted to have earned this recognition on the American market, which is a strategic area for our Group that offers amazing future potentials, where two of our companies are headquartered and work successfully: Datalogic Scanning and Informatics, in Eugene, Oregon and in Plano, Texas respectively".