Datalogic, art and barcodes to say farewell to 2010!

Milan, December 20, 2010 - Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic and Marco Rondelli, CFO of Datalogic, greeted spokesmen of the press and of the financial community during the Christmas Press and IR Cocktail held in Milan on December 20th, 2010, to round-up an important year’s work and to extend their best wishes for a prosperous new year. A presentation of the company was handed out, comprising a summary balance of the year just ended and the strategies of the 3-Year Plan 2010-2012.

On that occasion, Mauro Sacchetto commented: «2011 will be an important year for Datalogic, because it follows a thorough in-house reorganization process. Seeing as 2010 brings us a recovery of more than +25% compared to 2009, we expect 2011 to be a year in which we will continue to do better than the market ». Mauro Sacchetto also provided a preview of forthcoming strategies: «The digitalization of our offer will continue, or rather we will continue to prefer imaging as opposed to laser and digital as opposed to analogue technologies even more. Above all, we have some more acquisitions in mind, consequently further growth of the company is expected. Furthermore, having a full year ahead of us to consolidate all the actions implemented in 2010, I am convinced we can become even more efficient. It should be a very satisfactory year».

The settings of Datalogic’s event was an art gallery facing the Sforza Castle, where an exhibition of Fabrizio Trentin’s paintings was set-up (, who is director of a manufacturing company in Brescia but also painter in his spare time and successful creator of paintings inspired by the eternal barcode!

 Article taken from Data Collection, to which we give our heartfelt thanks.