The NVS9000™ is the Datalogic Automation industrial high-end camera system, designed to drastically improve the productivity of postal, mail order and distribution companies. NVS9000™ embeds the latest and most powerful camera technology of the market into a modular, easy and reliable product. NVS9000™ delivers top reading performance, simple integration, easy installation and top industrial reliability for a very low customer total cost of ownership.

NVS Stop&Go Function
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Características e Benefícios

  • Excellent reading performance for higher system throughput
  • Extended Field of View:1400mm (55")
  • High reading performance on high speed conveyors: 4.8m/s (945 fpm)
  • Reduced overall System Dimension: 2.2m (7ft)
  • Video-Coding & OCR ready
  • Integration with dimensioning and scale system
  • Integration with Laser systems
  • Easy installation by a single installer in few hours
  • Easy maintenance and quick replacement
  • Industrial reliability and consistency
  • STOP & GO FUNCTION for higher read rate and simpler control


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Postal and logistics applications
  • Distribution applications
  • Garment and multimedia sorting
  • Reverse logistic processes
  • Suitable for OCR and video-coding

The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


933701002 NVS9000-1100 8K-8, 135mm, AF, CLINK
933701001 NVS9000-1200 8K-8, 105mm, AF, CLINK
933701000 NVS9000-1600 8K-8, 80mm, AF, CLINK
933701006 NVS9000-1700 8K-8, 60mm, AF, CLINK

The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes


93A051274 CAB-9202 SERIAL CABLE 9 PIN, M/F, 2 m
93A051269 CAB-9305 VIDEO CAB. CLINK, 5 m
93A051270 CAB-9310 VIDEO CAB. CLINK, 10 m
93A051276 CAB-PW24 24VDC POWER CABLE, 10 m
93ACC1733 DK-500 DISTANCE KIT RS485 + CABLE 5 m
93ACC1781 LCC-9501 LIGHT CURTAIN 150mm+CABLE 10m
93ACC1763 LCC-9506 LIGHT CURTAIN 600mm+CABLE 10m
93ACC1764 LCC-9509 LIGHT CURTAIN 900mm+CABLE 10m
93ACC1765 LCC-9512 LIGHT CURTAIN 1200mm+CABLE 10m
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