LIGHTER SUITE Software, Marcação a Laser



The complete software solution for all your laser marking needs


Incorporates an advanced set of tools which simplifies automation and integration with automatic lines, along with allowing the user to create and edit texts, codes, imported vectorial graphics, bitmap, etc

Easy to use, easy to install, easy to update, intuitive, efficient , pleasant, easy-to-navigate GUI BUILT-IN SCRIPT ENGINE for interaction with local or centralized database through Ethernet or Serial connections

Exclusive Marking Preview and Simulator features allowing an immediate visual feedback of the marking layout on Windows devices. Possibility to control up to 4 independent mechanical axes (X, Y, Z, and Rotary), and to manage general purpose I/Os. Capability of working in Marking On Fly (MOF) mode

Visão Global

Lighter Software,  with its innovative design, is suitable for all Datalogic Laser Marking Products and represents an important step-a-head on the market.Thanks to its full graphical interface, Lighter provides advanced editing features with laser setup, controls and diagnostic for complete, flexible and user friendly laser marking system control. Lighter Suite allows the user to achieve an extreme  customization of the desired application thanks to LASER EDITOR’s full Graphic Interface, and LASER ENGINE powerful functionalities. 

Downloads para LIGHTER SUITE Software

Lighter Suite Datasheet
21/12/2015 - DS-LIGHTERSuite-ENA4
(.pdf, 252995 byte)
21/12/2015 - DS-LIGHTERSuite_ENUS
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