The DS2 series covers controlled heights ranging from 15 to 250 cm, with 5 m operating distances for 6 mm resolution versions, or 10 m for 25 mm resolution versions. The measurement configuration can be set manually thanks to internal dip-switches, or using graphic interface from remote PC.
Both models with serial interface and ETHERNET protocol are available to transmits the measurement, the operating status control as well as the setting of the device


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:
  • Object detection and measurement on conveyor belt  
  • Control of the correct material positioning (opaque and transparent) during functioning (plastic, metal, paper etc)
  • Loop control and positioning (also transparent material)  
  • Detection of objects with different shapes in the food industry
  • Detection of objects in different positions (parallel beams)  
  • Detection of slots and holes in different positions
The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


957501000DS2-05-07-060-JV LD HIGH RES H=600mm
957501010DS2-05-07-090-JV LD HIGH RES H=900mm
957501020DS2-05-07-120-JV LD HIGH RES H=1200mm
957501030DS2-05-07-165-JV LD HIGH RES H=1650mm
957501040DS2-05-07-015-JV LD HIGH RES H=150mm
957501050DS2-05-07-030-JV LD HIGH RES H=300mm
957501060DS2-05-07-045-JV LD HIGH RES H=450mm
957501070DS2-05-07-075-JV LD HIGH RES H=750mm
957501080DS2-05-07-105-JV LD HIGH RES H=1050mm
957501090DS2-05-07-135-JV LD HIGH RES H=1350mm
957501100DS2-05-07-150-JV LD HIGH RES H=1500mm
957501110DS2-05-25-045-JV 25mm RES H=450mm
957501120DS2-05-25-075-JV 25mm RES H=750mm
957501130DS2-05-25-090-JV 25mm RES H=900mm
957501140DS2-05-25-060-JV 25mm RES H=600mm
957501150DS2-05-07-060-JE ETH HIGH RES H=600mm
957501160DS2-05-07-075-JE ETH HIGH RES H=750mm
957501170DS2-05-07-090-JE ETH HIGH RES H=900mm
957501180DS2-05-07-120-JE ETH HIGH RES H=1200mm
957501190DS2-05-07-150-JE ETH HIGH RES H=1500mm
957501200DS2-05-07-165-JE ETH HIGH RES H=1650mm
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