ENC58 is the integral encoder standard industrial line, recommended for its wide range of models, price/performance ratio, high resolution and programmable version. The typical applications for this encoder can be found in motion control, automated machinery, conveyor lines.

Características e Benefícios

  • Aluminium anticorodal metal case Ø58 mm
  • Hollow shaft Ø14, 15 mm, or solid shaft Ø6, 10 mm
  • Resolution from 500 to 10000 PPR and Programmable version
  • M12, M23, or 1.5m cable connection
  • AB0 and /A/B/0 output signals
  • Smart Push-Pull & Line Driver output
  • Power supply 5 – 30 Vdc


  • Motion control
  • Automated machinery
  • Conveyor lines

The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


95B080510 ENC58-H14-0500-C15
95B080520 ENC58-H14-1000-C15
95B080530 ENC58-H14-1024-C15
95B080540 ENC58-H14-2000-C15
95B080550 ENC58-H14-2048-C15
95B081550 ENC58-H14-2500-C15
95B080560 ENC58-H14-5000-C15
95B080570 ENC58-H14-10000-C15
95B080660 ENC58-H14-0500-M12
95B080670 ENC58-H14-1000-M12
95B080680 ENC58-H14-1024-M12
95B080690 ENC58-H14-2000-M12
95B080700 ENC58-H14-2048-M12
95B081570 ENC58-H14-2500-M12
95B080710 ENC58-H14-5000-M12
95B080720 ENC58-H14-10000-M12
95B080580 ENC58-H14-0500-M23
95B080590 ENC58-H14-1000-M23
95B080600 ENC58-H14-1024-M23
95B080610 ENC58-H14-2000-M23
95B080620 ENC58-H14-2048-M23
95B081560 ENC58-H14-2500-M23
95B080630 ENC58-H14-5000-M23
95B080640 ENC58-H14-10000-M23
95B080650 ENC58-H14-PROG-M23
95B080740 ENC58-H15-0500-C15
95B080750 ENC58-H15-1000-C15
95B080760 ENC58-H15-1024-C15
95B080770 ENC58-H15-2000-C15
95B080780 ENC58-H15-2048-C15
95B081580 ENC58-H15-2500-C15
95B080790 ENC58-H15-5000-C15
95B080800 ENC58-H15-10000-C15
95B080890 ENC58-H15-0500-M12
95B080900 ENC58-H15-1000-M12
95B080910 ENC58-H15-1024-M12
95B080920 ENC58-H15-2000-M12
95B080930 ENC58-H15-2048-M12
95B081600 ENC58-H15-2500-M12
95B080940 ENC58-H15-5000-M12
95B080950 ENC58-H15-10000-M12
95B080810 ENC58-H15-0500-M23
95B080820 ENC58-H15-1000-M23
95B080830 ENC58-H15-1024-M23
95B080840 ENC58-H15-2000-M23
95B080850 ENC58-H15-2048-M23
95B081590 ENC58-H15-2500-M23
95B080860 ENC58-H15-5000-M23
95B080870 ENC58-H15-10000-M23
95B080880 ENC58-H15-PROG-M23
95B080140 ENC58-S06-0500-C15
95B080150 ENC58-S06-1000-C15
95B080160 ENC58-S06-1024-C15
95B080170 ENC58-S06-2000-C15
95B080180 ENC58-S06-2048-C15
95B081500 ENC58-S06-2500-C15
95B080190 ENC58-S06-5000-C15
95B080200 ENC58-S06-10000-C15
95B080210 ENC58-S06-0500-M23
95B080220 ENC58-S06-1000-M23
95B080230 ENC58-S06-1024-M23
95B080240 ENC58-S06-2000-M23
95B080250 ENC58-S06-2048-M23
95B081510 ENC58-S06-2500-M23
95B080260 ENC58-S06-5000-M23
95B080270 ENC58-S06-10000-M23
95B080280 ENC58-S10-0500-C15
95B080290 ENC58-S10-1000-C15
95B080300 ENC58-S10-1024-C15
95B080310 ENC58-S10-2000-C15
95B080320 ENC58-S10-2048-C15
95B081520 ENC58-S10-2500-C15
95B080330 ENC58-S10-5000-C15
95B080340 ENC58-S10-10000-C15
95B080430 ENC58-S10-0500-M12
95B080440 ENC58-S10-1000-M12
95B080450 ENC58-S10-1024-M12
95B080460 ENC58-S10-2000-M12
95B080470 ENC58-S10-2048-M12
95B081540 ENC58-S10-2500-M12
95B080480 ENC58-S10-5000-M12
95B080490 ENC58-S10-10000-M12
95B080350 ENC58-S10-0500-M23
95B080360 ENC58-S10-1000-M23
95B080370 ENC58-S10-1024-M23
95B080380 ENC58-S10-2000-M23
95B080390 ENC58-S10-2048-M23
95B081530 ENC58-S10-2500-M23
95B080400 ENC58-S10-5000-M23
95B080410 ENC58-S10-10000-M23
95B080420 ENC58-S10-PROG-M23

The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes


95B081300 Flexible Aluminium coupling Ø6 mm
95B081310 Flexible Aluminium coupling Ø10 mm
95B081320 Flexible standard plastic coupling Ø6 mm
95B081330 Flexible standard plastic coupling Ø10 mm
95B081340 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 6 mm
95B081350 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 8 mm
95B081360 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 10 mm
95B081370 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 11 mm
95B081380 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 12 mm
95B081390 Encoder reducing sleeve Ø15 - 9.52 mm (3/8")
95B081400 Ø58 Encoder fixing clamps (3 kits)
95B081410 Ø58 Encoder mounting bell
95B081420 Ø58 Encoder mounting L-bracket
95B081430 Ø58 Encoder mounting square flange
95B081260 Incremental encoder conn. cw M23 8-poles with 5m cable
95B081270 Incremental encoder conn. cw M23 8-poles with 10m cable
95B081280 Incremental encoder conn. cw M23 8-poles without cable
95B081230 Metal M12 8-poles female conn. with 5m cable
95B081240 Metal M12 8-poles female conn. with 10m cable
95B081250 Metal M12 8-poles female connector without cable
95ASE1170 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 3m cable
95ASE1180 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 5m cable
95ASE1190 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 10m cable
95ASE1200 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 15m cable
95ASE1210 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 25m cable
95A252700 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female conn. with 50m cable
95ACC2550 UL Plastic M12 8-poles female connector without cable
95B081760 USB Kit for programmable encoders
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