S65-M, Sensors and Safety



S65-M is the new Long Range Background Suppressor based on light Time Of Flight technology


Long Range background suppression detection up to 5 m; Cost effective solution for precise and reliable detection; Risk-free Infrared LED emission and embedded green LED pointer; Two independent fully programmable outputs

50 x 50 x 24 mm

50 g.max.


5m on 90% white remission



M12 5pin


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S65-M is the new Long Range Background Suppressor based on light Time Of Flight technology. The S65-M can easily detect objects at a distance up to 5 m and is ideal for precise and reliable detection applications. Innovative System On Chip technology and risk-free Infrared LED emission deliver valuable cost and safety advantages when compared to laser products. Sensor alignment is quick and easy with the embedded green LED pointer.

The S65-M user interface is simple and intuitive. Product connectivity is flexible and complete with two user configurable outputs driving PNP or NPN loads; models with IO-Link V1.1 connection are also available.

The rugged and compact 50 x 50 x 24 mm housing with IP67 protection makes the S65-M the ideal product for Automated Warehouses, Palletizers, Automotive, Transport & Logistic, Packaging applications and Conveyor Lines.

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S65-M Series Datasheet
01/08/2016 - DS-S65M-ENA4
(.pdf, 0,69 Mb)
09/08/2016 - DS-S65M-IT
(.pdf, 0,69 Mb)
25/07/2016 - DS-S65M-DE
(.pdf, 0,61 Mb)
S65-M Instruction Manuals
04/12/2017 - S65-M_distancesensors_manual_DEU
Rev B (.pdf, 0,49 Mb)
04/12/2017 - S65-M_distancesensors_manual_ENG
Rev B (.pdf, 0,49 Mb)
04/12/2017 - S65-M_distancesensors_manual_FRA
Rev B (.pdf, 0,49 Mb)
04/12/2017 - S65-M_distancesensors_manual_ITA
Rev B (.pdf, 0,55 Mb)
Brochure New Products
05/12/2017 - Brochure-New_Products-ENA4
(.pdf, 1,87 Mb)
Sensors Product Guide
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-ENA4
(.pdf, 2,72 Mb)
23/06/2016 - Pg-Sensors-ENUS
(.pdf, 2,47 Mb)
03/03/2016 - PG-Sensors-DE
(.pdf, 2,74 Mb)
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-IT
(.pdf, 2,77 Mb)
23/06/2016 - PG-Sensors-ZH
(.pdf, 2,38 Mb)
Photoelectric Sensors Catalog
23/03/2016 - CATALOG-PhotoelectricSensors-ENA4
(.pdf, 34,62 Mb)
20/06/2016 - CATALOG-PhotoelectricSensors-IT
(.pdf, 35,19 Mb)
22/06/2016 - CATALOG-PhotoelectricSensors-ENUS
(.pdf, 34,84 Mb)
S65-M IOLink - IODD file
20/07/2016 - IODD_DATALOGIC_S65-M
(.ZIP, 0,16 Mb)
20/07/2016 - S65-M_IO-Link Parameters
(.pdf, 0,04 Mb)
S65-M Drawings
18/07/2016 - S65-M_distancesensors_PDF
(.pdf, 0,18 Mb)
18/07/2016 - S65-M_distancesensors_DXF
(.dxf, 2,46 Mb)
18/07/2016 - S65-M_distancesensors_IGES
(.igs, 1,99 Mb)
18/07/2016 - S65-M_distancesensors_STEP
(.stp, 0,68 Mb)
CE364_0 - S65
01/01/2017 - CE364_0 - S65
(.pdf, 0,03 Mb)
UL - S8_S60_S62_S65_S90_S100
16/03/2017 - UL - S8_S60_S62_S65_S90_S100

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