The slot sensors of the SRF series are photoelectric devices characterized by an excellent precision thanks to the red LED emission which offers resolutions reaching 0.3mm or class II laser emission for resolutions down to 0.03mm. High precision and reading repeatability are obtained thanks to the laser emission combined with high switching frequency. The SRF series presents versions with 30, 50, 80 and 120mm slots guaranting best adaptation to the many different applications. Sensitivity adjustment is easily accomplished thanks to the trimmer positioned on the back side of the sensor. The range offers versions with PNP or NPN output, Light/Dark mode selection.

Características e Benefícios

  • Trimmer setting: easy and fast setting procedure
  • Laser models: high detection repeatability for a precise reading
  • Dark/Light mode setting: adaptability to customer applications
  • Availability of 30, 50, 80 and 120mm slots: suitable for all the industrial applications


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:
  • Packaging lines
  • Automatic machine
  • Automotive
  • Elettronic industry
The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


95B020050SRF-30-5-P SLOT SENSOR 30mm M8 PNP
95B020060SRF-50-5-P SLOT SENSOR 50mm M8 PNP
95B020070SRF-80-5-P SLOT SENSOR 80mm M8 PNP
95B020080SRF-120-5-P SLOT SENSOR 120mm M8 PNP
95B020090SRF-30-5-N SLOT SENSOR 30mm M8 NPN
95B020100SRF-50-5-N SLOT SENSOR 50mm M8 NPN
95B020110SRF-80-5-N SLOT SENSOR 80mm M8 NPN
95B020120SRF-120-5-N SLOT SENSOR 120mm M8 NPN
95B020130SRF-L-30-5-P SLOT. SENS.LASER 30MM M8 PNP
95B020140SRF-L-50-5-P SLOT. SENS.LASER 50MM M8 PNP
95B020150SRF-L-80-5-P SLOT. SENS.LASER 80MM M8 PNP
95B020160SRF-L-120-5-P SLOT. SE.LASER 120MM M8 PNP
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