TL46-WJ Low Jitter


Datalogic announces the new TL46 Low jitter sensor which complements the well established Datalogic high performance contrast sensor family.

The new TL46-WJ is the fastest and most precise contrast sensor available; it detects any critical mark at speeds upto 400m./min.

Its incomparable 7us. of jitter and the amazing operating frequency of 50kHz  make the TL46-WJ the most accurate and the fastest contrast sensor on the market. The reliable RGB emission and its rectangular spot, allow the sensor to read any kind of very critical contrast in any industrial printing application, including transparent and very shiny back grounds.

The rugged sensor housing and outstanding detection performance make the TL46-WJ the undisputed  solution for flexographic printing machines, packaging and any application where high precision and high detection speed are the main requirements.

Características e Benefícios

  • 7us detection Jitter.
  • 50kHz operating frequency.
  • Dynamic teaching at full speed.
  • Remote input for remote sensor setting.
  • Vertical and Horizontal spot models are available


  • Flexographic printing machinery
  • High Speed machinery for packaging applications
  • High Accuracy Offset Lithographic Printing.

The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


954601070 TL46-A-415 TRIMMER 9MM M12 PNP WHITE
954601080 TL46-A-425 TRIMMER 9MM M12 NPN WHITE
954601090 TL46-A-615 TRIMMER 9MM M12 PNP RED
954601100 TL46-A-625 TRIMMER 9MM M12 NPN RED
954601000 TL46-W-815 BASIC 9MM M12 VERT.SPOT
954601010 TL46-W-815L BASIC 9MM M12 HOR.SPOT
954601020 TL46-WL-815 STANDARD 9MM M12 VERT.SPOT
954601030 TL46-WL-815L STANDARD 9MM M12 HOR.SPOT
954601040 TL46-WLF-815 ENH. 9MM M12 VERT.SPOT
954601050 TL46-WLF-815L ENH. 9MM M12 HOR.SPOT
954601110 TL46-WJ-815 LOW JITTER VERT SPOT
954601120 TL46-WJ-815L LOW JITTER HOR SPOT

The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes


890000194 LENS No.28 glass
95ACC2670 LENS No.9 glass
95ACC1030 LENS No.18 glass
95ACC1050 LENS HI-RES glass
95ACC1100 LENS No.22 glass
95ACC1220 LENS No.40-60 glass
S73030511 LENS No.50 BOC-511 OBJECTIVE NO.50
95ACC2540 LENS No.9 PMMA
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