M30x1 ultrasonic sensors of the US30 series are available in models with operating distances reaching 200 cm either with bipolar digital output (1 NPN and 1 PNP) or with 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue output. The sensors can be easily configured using the Teach-in function, while the operating status is visibly signalled by 3 LEDs. The temperature compensation function corrects the sound speed changes due to temperature variations, so the sensor precision remains unchanged in all situations


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:
  • Food machines
  • Packaging and packing machines, material handling
  • Automatic warehouses
  • Level control
  • Metal, paper and wood working machines
  • Automotive
The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


95B040060US30-PR-5-N13-IH right angle b.1m, 4-20 mA
95B040070US30-PR-5-N13-VH right angle b. 0-10 V
95B040080US30-PR-5-N23-IH RIGHT ANGLE B., 2m, 4-20 mA
95B040090US30-PR-5-N23-VH RIGHT ANGLE B., 2m, 0-10 V
95B040100US30-PR-5-N13-OH RIGHT ANGLE B., 1m, PNP/NPN
95B040110US30-PR-5-N23-OH RIGHT ANGLE B., 2m, PNP/NPN
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