Datalogic is yet again the top enterprise in the management of human resources: for the third year running, the company from Bologna wins the “Top Employers” award as excellent business in the management of human capital and best practices in the field of human resources

Bologna, March 22, 2011 – Datalogic Group, an Italian leader on the market of barcode readers, data collection mobile computers and RFID and vision systems, wins the “Top Employers” award for the third year running.

The prestigious recognition is assigned each year by the CRF Institute, an international organization that has been analyzing and certifying over 2,500 enterprises across the world since 1991. The companies selected were assessed with scores from 1 to 5 according to very strict standards, for which management and training of human resources were examined concerning aspects related to wages, working conditions and benefits, company culture, training and development and career opportunities.

Datalogic’s rating was very high in all five areas assessed (“Wages”, “Working conditions and Benefits”, “Company Culture”, Training and Development” and “Career opportunities”), winning the highest rating of all in “Working conditions and Benefits” and “Training and Development” and confirming its excellence in the “Company culture” sector.

The Top Employer survey also highlighted the company’s distinctive and characteristic areas, represented by Innovation; Knowledge management; Development and Training Programs; Coaching and Mentoring and Performance Appreciation.

The company from Bologna is thus registered once again in the group of enterprises that represent positive and challenging examples in the Italian world of business and proves yet again that it is an international enterprise; the Group works managerially with success right across the whole world, making major investments in R&D worth around 7% of its turnover in order to launch highly innovative products and solutions, exploiting cutting-edge technologies protected by a heritage of roughly 900 patents.

The award giving ceremony took place yesterday, Monday March 21st, in the prestigious surroundings of Terrazza Martini in Milano.

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic S.p.A., commented: we are all truly proud to win this prestigious international award once again. Our success comes from the efforts and dedication of all those who work with Datalogic, in 30 countries worldwide, who have skilfully created a real Group and a cohesive community, attentive towards innovation and focused on growth and constant development. The true capital of Datalogic are its people, who are able to turn individual efforts into the strength of all, including multicultural integration; this is the true driving force and winning asset of Datalogic. To conclude, what better an opportunity to thank all the men and women who, with their undeniable dedication, have contributed in making our Group more competitive and united in facing future challenges with success”.

Datalogic’s profile, with rating details, points of excellence and company portrait are published on Top Employers Italy 2011, which can be consulted online at the following website: