Inauguration of the new conference hall of Datalogic S.p.A.: a modern and comfortable hall that will host meetings, videoconferences and company training courses.

Calderara di Reno (Bo), Italy, January 16, 2009 - A new, modern and comfortable conference hall for Datalogic S.p.A. was inaugurated during the company's Christmas celebrations on the 22nd December at its main premises in Lippo di Calderara (Bo). The new conference hall covers a surface area of 260 square meters and can seat up to 100 guests.

The new space, complete with facilities for the disabled, not only offers a spacious room for the public and an area for speakers, but also has its own "director's room" from where all the technological equipment installed in the conference hall is controlled (lights, sound system, video screens etc.), plus there is an organised cloakroom by the entrance.

Efficiently illuminated, with steps leading down to the speaker's bench, the conference hall, whose fulfilment was supervised by Eng. Pelloni,  is equipped with a high fidelity sound system and two giant 101-inch rear-lit screens, which together with three recording cameras, enable videoconferencing connections with other sites of Datalogic in Italy and abroad.

Next to the new hall is the "Bar Code" self-service canteen of 45 square meters that seats 36 guests, complete with 50-inch screen connected to the two giant screens in the conference hall. The area, which was designed by Architect Ghedini, is comfortable and bright thanks to two glass walls looking out to the garden outdoors.

The new conference hall was inaugurated by Romano Volta and Roberto Tunioli, Chairman and CEO of Datalogic respectively, who confirmed that they were satisfied with the outcome of this new area ready to host meetings, company training courses and videoconferences.